Acceptable Use Policy
The Acceptable Use Policy outlines the generally acceptable behavior on the LMU Network.

Administrator Access Policy
The Administrator Access Policy outlines when administrative rights to LMU-managed computers can be granted.‌

Anti-Virus Policy
The Anti-virus policy states that all computers on the LMU network must have anti-virus software installed and be updated regularly.‌

Cloud Security Use Policy
This policy outlines appropriate use of cloud services for data at LMU.

Email Software Support
This policy outlines what software programs LMU will support to access LMU email.‌

Hardware Standard Exception Policy
The Hardware Standard Exception Policy outlines the guidelines on how to purchase non-standard computers.

Information Security Policy
This policy outlines the information security responsibilities and guidelines for LMU employees and LMU network users.‌

Mobile Computing Device Support
This policy is designed to address the changes in technology going forward and give ITS stability in dealing with support for the devices.‌

Network Equipment Policy
The Network Equipment policy states that un-approved network devices will be removed from the LMU network.‌

Policy on Routine System Maintenance
This policy states when routine maintenance on technology systems occur.