MYLMU Connect tips for Students

  • Supported Browsers

    In order to enjoy the benefits of MYLMU Connect, it is advised that you make sure that your system meets the following requirements:

  • How do I enroll in a MYLMUConnect Class?

    You will automatically be enrolled/dropped from your MYLMU Connect courses. If you believe your enrollment status is incorrect, please check on PROWL and with the Registrar's office first. If your enrollment is correct, please email and let us know the CRN (5-digit number) or course name & section 3 (e.g. PSYC-1000-05).

  • My courses are missing

    Classes must be made available by your instructor. If you cannot find your class, your instructor may not be using MYLMU Connect or has not yet made it available. Please contact your instructor to find out if they are using MYLMU Connect for their courses and if so, when it will be made available. Also, if you dropped your class during registration and then re-added it, your account for the course may have been disabled. Contact the Help Desk to place a request to have your account re-enabled.

  • I am not receiving emails from MYLMU Connect

    Make sure that your account is not full. If you have forwarded your mail, make sure your email service is not sending your messages into a spam or junk folder.

  • I receive an "Access Denied" or blank page when I enter the course

    If you are enrolled in the class and receive an "Access Denied" or blank page when you click on the course, please notify your instructor.

  • What special characters should I avoid using in MYLMU Connect?

    The following special characters should never be used in naming a document or discussion board title:
    % & # < > = +

  • I submitted my assignment through MYLMU Connect but my instructor can't find it

    Submitting an assignment through MYLMU Connect is a two-step process. After you have browsed your computer for the document and selected it, you MUST click Attach File otherwise you will submit an empty assignment.

    Once you have successfully attached your file, the confirmation screen will display your attached file.

    In order for your instructor to view your assignment you must click Submit. Saving a draft allows you to return and continue working on your assignment at a later time.

    Course menu (Hiding and Showing)

    You can hide the menu to view more of your course content by clicking on the Hide Menu button.

    To show the course menu, click on the Show Menu button.

  • Email

    All MYLMU Connect student accounts are linked to their LMU Lion email accounts. You can send an email to your classmates and/or instructor using the email feature. (Note: This an option that is made available by your instructor)

    Click on Tools

    You have the option of sending to the entire class, groups or individuals. Select the group you wish to send to.
    Fill out the subject line, message, and add an attachment (optional) and Click Submit

  • How do I contact the Help Desk?

    You can contact the Helpdesk by calling 310-338-7777 or emailing When contacting the Helpdesk please be sure to include the following: Full Name, Valid Contact Phone Number, Hours of Your Availability, and the Course's 5-Digit CRN.

    The Student Helpdesk is located in the lower level of the Von der Ahe building in the Student Innovation Center (next to the One Card office). The Student Help Desk hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm.