Microsoft 365 at LMU

LMU is proud to announce an email upgrade to Office 365, as part of a transition to Microsoft 365. 

Westchester Faculty & Staff

If you have Office 2016 installed on your computer, your email will be upgraded seamlessly this summer. If you have Office 2010, your software will need to upgraded. Sign up to be an official LMU 365er to find out more information as it becomes available.

Undergrad & Graduate Students

Your Lionmail (Gmail accounts) will be migrated to Office 365 this summer. As part of this upgrade, you are also eligible for free Office 365 products for your computer. There will be some settings to upgrade on your mobile device. Please check here for more information, which will be posted as it becomes available.

Law School Faculty, Staff, & Students

Your Gmail account will be migrated to Office 365. The timing and details will be determined by working with the Law School constituencies. You will still have access to your Google Drive throughout this email and calendar upgrade. Sign up to be an official LMU 365er to find out more information as it becomes available.


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  • Why Microsoft 365?

    In Fall 2017, Information Technology Services (ITS) formed an ad-hoc committee of 13 members from both front-facing (people you see around campus) and technical teams (people who stay hidden in the shadows) to investigate cloud-based enterprise email and collaboration software. The drivers for this investigation were:

    • Migrating from LMU’s current on-premises Microsoft Exchange email server to a cloud-based long-term solution for email and collaboration software (potentially including video conferencing and chat capabilities)
    • Selecting a solution that will ultimately serve all constituents (LMU/LLS students and LMU/LLS faculty and staff) on the same platform for easy collaboration
    • Selecting a solution that provides the most secure and compliant platform
    • Removing the dependency on local hardware and administrative resources

    The two major enterprise cloud-based email and collaboration tool providers are Google (Gmail) and Microsoft (Office 365); no other vendors were considered, as only Google and Microsoft met the enterprise cloud-based requirements at this time. Both companies had pre-meetings to discuss LMU's situation and needs, presented to the committee for several hours, and had follow-up discussions.

    The ITS Email and Collaboration committee unanimously recommended LMU migrate to Microsoft 365. This decision was accompanied by the overwhelming and repeated sentiment that Microsoft supplied a solution that is enterprise-ready, has fully developed strong security and compliance tools, and is a much better fit for all LMU and LLS constituents.

  • What Are the Benefits of Microsoft 365?

    All faculty, staff, and students should see significant benefits as a result of this email migration:

    1. Individual email boxes will have significantly more storage than is currently allocated for on-premises email boxes (365 offers at least 50Gb; the current system provides about 2.5Gb)
    2. The web client,, will constantly be upgraded by Microsoft, and therefore be more secure for end-users and less prone to browser dependence
    3. Students and faculty will be on the same email platform and, should they choose, will be able to share calendars and jointly use collaboration tools available within the Office 365 suite, including chat capabilities, and Teams
    4. All users will receive free Office products for their own computers and be able to see calendars, tasks, teams, and other collaboration tools
    5. The Law School faculty, staff, and students will also be moving to Microsoft 365, allowing for seamless collaboration on and between campuses 
  • Why Not Google?

    While LMU has used Google email services for students and the Law School for years, at this point, Google's services work best as a consumer, rather than enterprise-based, platform. While some Google products are easy to use, they lack the feature-set our faculty and staff have come to rely on, specifically within calendars, delegation, and email organization. In particular, Microsoft's embedded security and compliance protocols are better in line with LMU's.  Microsoft 365 offered a complete suite of productivity tools for users but allowed for the better security and system administration.    

  • I'm at the Law School. What Does This All Mean To Me?

    ITS will be working closely with the Law School to ensure this transition is a positive one.

    • If you currently use Outlook, this change will mean a more consistent and worry-free email experience; otherwise, nothing will change for you.
    • If you currently use Gmail, there will be a change in how you see your email, but you won't lose anything; all your mail will be transferred over. 
    • For now, your Google Drive will not be migrated or turned off. This means any documents in Google Drive can still be accessed and used with your account. 
    • This change will provide benefits including sharing of calendars and directory with those on the Westchester campus, access to all Office 365 products, and integration with chat and web conferencing.  

    If you sign up to be an LMU 365er, and indicate you're from the Loyola Law School, you'll receive information specific to your campus. 

    Many decisions about the Law School transition will be determined over the next several months as ITS works with the campus to determine the best timing and approach. 

  • Where Can I Learn More?

    There are many ways you can learn more about Microsoft 365:

    • LMU 365er: Become a LMU 365er by signing up for weekly updates including tips and tricks.
    • Workshops: ITS will offer Office 365 workshops at both campuses starting in March and continuing through the rest of the semester.
    • Reading: This page will be continually updated with relevant information as LMU goes through this transition.
    • Check out online workshops with through MyLMU.
    • See what Microsoft has to say for itself on
  • What Is a 365er and Why Should I Sign Up?

    Be an LMU 365er in the Know!

    An LMU 365er is someone interested in learning more about how this Microsoft 365 transition might impact them. By signing up (on this page), 365ers will be the first to know about all things Microsoft 365 at LMU. All 365ers will receive: 

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    When you sign up, please be sure to indicate your affiliation, as the messages will be specific to you. 

  • Is My Computer Ready For the Transition?

    Faculty and Staff: If you have Office 2013 or above, you're good to go. If you have Office 2011 or an older version, we will be reaching out to you directly to upgrade your Office.

    Students: If you bought your computer within the last four years, you're good to go.

    We will be posting additional requirements here as we move through the transition. 

  • What Is the 365 Implementation Timeline?
    • February
      • Share the 365 story
      • Timeline details finalized by ITS team and vendor
    • March
      • Sign up to be a 365er
      • Upgrade your Office to 2016 if necessary
    • April
      • Read 365 tips & tricks
      • Attend a workshop to learn all about 365
    • May
      • Get excited for new collaboration and improved productivity tools
    • Summer
      • Accounts migrated
      • Start using those awesome new features

Have Additional Questions?

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Contact the ITS Help Desk: 310.338.7777 or at Law School 213.736.1097| or