Zoom - Brightspace Integration

Zoom is now integrated within Brightspace. To active the integration, you must first create a Zoom link in Brightspace for each course (see instructions below).
Once that is complete, you will be able to access Zoom's web meeting scheduler, see upcoming meetings, previous meetings, and cloud recordings that are specific for that class, as long as you schedule the meeting through the Brightspace class. These permissions apply to both faculty and students. Faculty can see a comprehensive list of their entire meeting schedule (across all classes and non-class related) by logging in to https://lmula.zoom.us.

To create Zoom links in Brightspace:

  1. Go to the content area where you would like to place the Zoom link, click on Existing Activities -> External Learning Tools
  2. Click on Zoom. This will create a Zoom link to the web meeting scheduler (the same as when you login to https;//lmula.zoom.us)
  3. Click on the Schedule a New Meeting button. 


  1. You will be taken to the Schedule a New Meeting page where you can begin to fill out the meeting options that you desire. 
  2. Click the Save button. NOTE: You will see a "Start This Meeting" button to start the meeting.



For more information on how to schedule a meeting and other Zoom functionality, please visit our Zoom video tutorials page.

Share a Zoom Meeting From within Brightspace

Once you have created and scheduled your meeting, students enrolled in your course will be able to find information about the meeting through the Calendar widget on your Brightspace course homepage. If, for some reason, you turned off the Calendar widget, it is strongly recommended that you add it back to your course homepage, as this is how students will mainly see and access the Zoom meetings you created. 

Here is an example of what your students will see in the Calendar widget when a Zoom meeting for their course has been added. 


Meeting in D2L Calendar Widget


When you or a student clicks on that event in the calendar, they will be taken to a screen that will have a link to the actual Zoom meeting. This is how your students can join the meeting. 

NOTE: If you are the instructor and creator of the Zoom meeting, this is NOT where you can start the meeting and be the host of the meeting. Follow the instructions in section 5 for starting the meeting as the host.  


Course Calendar Zoom Meeting Link