Computer Requirements

What if I already have a computer? Can I use it to access the LMU network?

If you plan to bring a computer you already own to an on-campus facility, the minimum requirements for connecting to the LMU network are:

  • PCs: 3 years or newer, Windows 8.1 or higher
  • Macs: 3 years or newer, OS 10.9 or later

If I want to buy a computer, what type should I get?

If you are planning to purchase a new computer, we recommend a system with the following specifications:

  • PCs: Any currently sold PC with Windows Windows7 or Vista (Home or Professional), equipped with an Ethernet and/or wireless card.
  • Macs: Any currently sold Apple computer, equipped with an Ethernet and/or wireless card. 

Do I need to bring any software?

  • Operating System (OS): If you will be bringing a personal computer, it is important that you bring a copy of your computer's Operating System (or setup) CD, i.e. your Windows OS or MAC OS CD. It may be necessary to access these files when getting setup on the LMU network.
  • Hardware: If your computer came with any disks related to hardware drivers/installation, make sure to bring those disks as well.
  • Other software: (e.g. word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, etc.) must be purchased and installed locally on your system. The LMU network provides you with an Internet connection and e-mail access much like a commercial ISP does in your home. Any other software that you need on your computer must be purchased and installed separately by you. You can get a variety of software for free just for being an LMU student! Learn more about  . 

Virus protection

Remember to protect yourself! ITS urges everyone (both Macintosh and PC users) to utilize current virus protection software. McAfee and Norton are manufacturers of popular virus protection packages. Come to Tech on 2 on level 2 of the Library to get your computer scanned for viruses and to have anti-virus software installed on your computer. Regardless of the product you select, it is important to keep the software updated. Most companies offer updates online. The campus high-speed connection makes downloading virus definition updates particularly easy.

Do I need to own a printer?

You can bring your own printer, but please keep in mind that the LMU wireless network does not support wireless printing, so you will need to bring a USB cable in order to connect your computer to your printer. Printers for student use are available in the public computer labs. A valid OneCard is necessary to use printing equipment. Learn more.