Microsoft 365 at LMU

Now all students, faculty and staff are on the same email platform and Microsoft 365.


Key Benefits of Office 365

  • An enterprise solution with security, compliance, and trust advantages. 
  • All faculty, students, and staff at Westchester and Loyola Law School campuses on the same email platform.
  • Shared calendars so students, faculty, and staff from across LMU and LLS can share calendars and see one another's “free/busy time” (but never calendar details, unless given permission).
    • For instructions on how to turn off default calendar settings, click here.
  • Four ways to access your email: built-in Mail app on your mobile device, Outlook app, Outlook Online, and Outlook desktop.
  • Productivity tools in Office 365 allow for editing documents through Box or directly, in real-time, with others. These tools also work seamlessly as you move from mobile apps to desktop software to cloud versions.
  • We will be rolling out additional communication tools to the community through Office 365 to allow for real-time chatting, quick video chats, team work, and much more.
  • Free Office and apps for installation on up to five devices.
  • Seamless integration with other LMU systems, such as, Box.

How the Decision Was Made

In the fall of 2017, ITS formed a 13-member working group with members from both front-facing and technical teams to investigate cloud-based enterprise email and collaboration software. The working group had the task of:

  • Selecting a single cloud-based email solution for all LMU/LLS students, faculty, and staff;
  • Selecting the solution that provides the most secure and compliant platform;
  • Selecting a solution to help remove dependency on local hardware and administrative resources.

The committee unanimously recommended Microsoft 365.

Implementation Phases

  • Phase I - LMU Email Day: On May 21, 2018, ITS successfully migrated all Westchester faculty and staff email accounts from on-premise Exchange servers to Office 365 cloud servers, moving more than 5,000 accounts. The campus community was involved before and during the transition, performing all the necessary preparation, being attentive to changes on the morning of the migration, and seeking assistance from ITS staff positioned around campus when running into problems. Nearly all ITS staff were onboard to ensure a successful rollout, complete with food trucks, balloons, fidget spinners, and other Office 365 swag. To read more about this migration, click here.
  • Phase II - LLS Email Day: On July 9, 2018, ITS migrated all Loyola Law School faculty and staff email accounts (approximately 400 accounts) from Gmail to Microsoft 365. In the weeks leading up to the migration, ITS conducted extensive pilots of the move, playing out as many scenarios as possible. Doing this helped find important snags in the migration process, which were ironed out before the migration. On the LLS Email Day, ITS set up a drop-in station, added additional staff on the ITS Service Desk phone lines, provided lunch for faculty and staff, and stationed staff members in key locations to provide in-person assistance. To read more about this migration, click here.
  • Phase III - Student Email Day: The last phase of the migration is to move all student email accounts, for both Westchester campus and Loyola Law School campus, from Gmail to Outlook. After Jan. 15, Westchester students can go to TechOn2 on the second floor of the Library. To read more about this migration, click here.


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