MyLMU Portal Redesign

Introducing the Mega Menu

MyLMU is the official web portal for LMU students, faculty, and staff at the Westchester campus, who have an active network account. Logging into MyLMU provides easy access to many internal resources, such as LionJobs, MyTime, Outlook Mail, and more. Other services, such as campus announcements, events, and social media, are readily available. 

As part of the MyLMU Portal Redesign project, ITS has created a new navigation structure for MyLMU, focusing on making it easier for users to find what they need. This structure is based on the input we’ve received from students, faculty, and staff. The new navigation structure will be implemented by August 21.

ITS Want to Hear from You

Your feedback is valuable in implementing the next phase of the MyLMU Portal Redesign. Use this form to share your experience and suggestions.


System Logins are not gone. All the links are re-organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to System Logins?

All the links that used to be in the System Logins have been re-organized into a mega menu that has six top-level categories - Academics, Accounts & Tech, Administration, Employment, Campus Life, and About LMU. 

I do not see the categories?

If you are on a mobile device or if your computer screen size is minimized, you will not see the categories. Instead, you will see a "hamburger" menu link. Refer to the image to the right.

Where are the links that I use the most?

  • PROWL and Degree Works are now in Academics.
  • Email, Parking, and OneCard are now in Accounts & Tech.
  • HR-related services are now in Employment.
  • 25Live and Work Order Request are now in Campus Life.


Screenshots of Mega Menus

It is important to remember that you see a different set of menu items based on your role. ITS is aware that some of our faculty and staff need to assist students. Please refer to the following screenshots to help the students navigate to the appropriate area.



About the Redesign

Why the Re-structure

Many students, faculty, and staff have provided feedback that finding links is both a primary use of MyLMU and a point of frustration due to long lists and lack of organization. ITS decided to prioritize this as our first update, with a broader redesign of MyLMU rolling out in the future.


How ITS Determined the New Structure

The goal was to design a user-centered structure based on need and usage rather than organizational hierarchy. Groups and order of groups are based on research ITS have done with users including:

  • Interviews, card sorting, or tree testing with LMU students, faculty, and staff
  • MyLMU analytics (# of clicks) for the past year
  • MyLMU Feedback responses from the past year



updated on 8/27/2019