Learn more about how Duo Security handle your personal information.

  • LMU will not use your personal information for any reason other than authentication. 

  • Duo Mobile app does not access your other apps or other data on your phone; it uses some base functionality of the phone and a certificate that identifies your phone to ensure accurate identification.

    The Duo Mobile app will request access to the camera when activating the app (when scanning the QR code), but this is the only time that the camera will be activated by Duo Mobile. Under no circumstance does Duo Mobile activate devices such as microphone or GPS.

  • ”Push” authentication with the Duo Mobile app uses a very small amount of Internet data traffic to function (a few kilobytes per login).

    The text messages and voice calls verification are sent only when you request them, and would be billed by your carrier the same as any other text message or inbound voice call.

    Within the Duo Mobile app, you also have the option to get new passcodes at any time. The code is periodically refreshed; so you have a limited period of time to use it.

    LMU will not reimburse users. If you would incur significant expense using Duo on a device, we recommend enrolling another device, such as a landline.

  • No. Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to our online accounts. In an effort to keep University systems and even your personal account information secure, we are enabling Duo authentication on select services.