Duo and VPN

Duo Authentication for VPN Users

Starting in February 2017, users of VPN (virtual private network) are required to enroll to Duo and will be asked to authenticate their identify before being connected to LMU networks.

Many VPN users find these commonly asked questions and answers helpful. 

  • I am a new VPN user, and receive a "username unknown" error message.

    If you are a new VPN user and receive a "username unknown" error message when you try to connect to VPN, it is mostly likely your Duo authentication has not been synced with the VPN user group.

    Contact the ITS Help Desk at helpdesk@lmu.edu or at 310-338-7777 for further assistance.

  • Logging into the VPN looks different. What do I do?

    LMU has implemented Duo authentication process for VPN users since February 2017. 

    If you tried to log into VPN and have not completed Duo enrollment, you will be presented with a dialog box titled “Protect Your Loyola Marymount University Account.” Click on the "Start setup" button and follow the remaining instructions.

    If you have completed Duo enrollment, you will be asked to authenticate with your registered device.

    View the video for further instructions.

    Logging in via VPN from LMU ITS on Vimeo.

  • I use the VPN client, not the web version. How do I use Duo?

    If you use the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (the desktop client) to connect to the LMU's VPN instead of  http://doorway.lmu.edu (the web client), follow these step to connect to the VPN using Duo authentication.

    You will be presented with a login prompt similar to the screenshots below, and you'll have a few options.

    Use the "Duo Authentication" (Mac OS) or "Second Password" (Windows) field to tell Duo how you want to authenticate. Here's how:

    push Push a login request to your phone (if you have Duo Mobile installed and activated on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry device). Just review the request and tap "Approve" to log in.
    phone Authenticate via phone callback.

    You can also add a number to the end of these factor names if you have more than one device registered. For example, push2 will send a login request to your second phone, phone3 will call your third phone, etc.

    Another option is to open your Duo Mobile app and click on the Key icon to retrieve the 6-digit code, then enter it in the Duo Authentication (Mac OS) or Second Password (Windows) fields.