Security Awareness Training

Security begins with you! As a shared responsibility across our LMU community, to develop awareness, ITS InfoSec team offers Security Awareness Training Program. The training covers a variety of security topics to help keep you navigate how to remain safe online & working remote.

Our InfoSec team has security training available for you & department, If interested please contact us at

Phishing Awareness Program

Phishing continues to be a threat to our campus. A successful phishing attack can lead to loss of research, system failures across campus, fraud, financial scams, and more. Phishing emails are becoming more common and sophisticated. It is important for us to know how to protect ourselves against them.

LMU's Phishing Awareness program periodically sends simulated phishing emails to campus community. The objectives of the campaigns are educational and designed to cultivate awareness. See the new LMU Phish Bowl for examples of phishing emails sent to members of the campus community. 

Program Objectives:

  • Help our community detect phishing. The campaigns simulate real phishing attacks.
  • Help LMU community identify red flags & how to report questionable emails.
  • Identify what resources are available and tools are needed to help develop university security posture.