Your Lionmail account will be deactivated two academic terms after your final enrollment date. If you would like to maintain an LMU email address, you can create an alumni account under the domain If your Lionmail address is, your alumni address will be

There are two important things to know about LMU alumni accounts:

  1. This is a forwarding service only. Any email sent to your account will be forwarded to a personal email account. You cannot log in to an alumni account. Replies you send will come from your personal email address, not the alumni account. These accounts exists primarily to help you maintain contact with the LMU community.
  2. This is completely separate from the Lionmail account you used during your tenure at LMU.

This is a great way to keep in touch with the university and receive news and updates!

If you ever need to change your forwarding address, please follow these instructions:

  • Visit the Alumni Relations website.
  • Click on Benefits and Services on the upper menu (if you don't see that link, click on the three horizontal lines).
  • Click on Alumni Directory Login.
  • If you are a new user, click on First Time Login (next to the Login button). If you are a returning user, enter your username/password, then click the Login button.
  • After you login, click on the Online Community drop-down on the left.
  • Click on My Profile.
  • Scroll down to the Email Forwarding section and click on Edit.
  • Change the forwarding email address at the bottom and click the Save button.
  • It will take a couple of business days for the change to take effect.