Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Creative Cloud

ITS is very pleased to announce the new Adobe Creative Cloud campus licensing plan. This plan is free to all active LMU and LLS faculty and staff (NOT AVAILABLE TO LMU OR LLS STUDENTS. Personal student subscription information can be found here).

Per Device License plan is for classroom/lab computers. Since these computers are not associated with a user, a serial number will be issued. ITS has switched these computers to the new plan already. If your department-managed labs have not, please email ITS Help Desk. 

Per Named-user License plan is for LMU-issued computer assigned to a faculty or staff. These users can also install Adobe CC to home computers. Keep in mind that you can only have Adobe CC activated concurrently on two computers. No longer paying the $9.75 annual subscription fee.

To request Adobe CC for your work or home computers, send an email to ITS Help Desk at User's LMU/LLS email address will be added to the list of users. Adobe will generate an email with link to sign into or setup in Adobe ID. User can select any apps they want to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. Please check back frequently. If you do not see your questions, please email ITS Help Desk.