How do I use Box to...

  • Managing Files and Folders

    Manage files and folders cover the following topics:

    File and Folder Actions

    • Create New Files or Folders
    • Moving and Copying
    • Delete Files or Folders
    • Rename Files or Folders
    • Search for Files or Folders

    Organizing and Tracking Content

    • Sort Files
    • Folder Icons
    • Access Stats
    • File Timestamps
    • Version History
    • Favorites


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Uploading and Downloading Files and Folders

    Uploading and downloading files and folders cover the following topics:

    Upload to Box

    • Drag and Drop
    • File Browser
    • Email Upload
    • Mobile Uploads

    Download from Box

    • Single File
    • Multiple Files


    • What's the maximum file size I can upload to Box?
    • Size Limits in Internet Explorer
    • Why are the New and Upload buttons greyed out?
    • I can't upload folders on Box while using Safari on my Mac. What do I do?
    • Can I upload iWork or .pkg files to Box?
    • "File in transition" message Java in Windows 7
    • Troubleshooting: Upload
    • Troubleshooting: Download


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Managing Collaborators

    Managing Collaborators cover the following topics:

    • Modifying Collaborator Access Levels
    • Transferring Folder Ownership
    • Removing Collaborators
    • Hiding Collaborators
    • Collaborator Auto-Expiration


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Searching Content

    Search covers the following topics:

    • Search: Overview and FAQs
    • How do I search for files and folders in Box?
    • Advanced Search Filters
    • Box Search Tips


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Collaborating through Invites

    Collaboration Through Invites covers the following topics:

    • Collaboration Invites And Account Creation
    • Troubleshooting Issues With Collaborative Folders (FAQ)
    • What Is The Difference Between Collaboration And Shared Links?
    • Inviting Collaborators Walkthrough
    • How Do I Remove Or Resend A Pending Collaboration Invitation?


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Sharing Links with Other People

    Shared Links covers the following topics:

    Generating Shared Links

    • Shared Link Access

    Shared Link Settings

    • Custom URL
    • Password Protection
    • Link Expiration
    • Allow Download
    • Direct Links

    Folder and Account Settings

    • Folder Settings
    • Account Settings


    • What happens if I disable a shared link?
    • What happens if a file is deleted while it has an active shared link, but is later restored?
    • What happens if a user that shouldn't have access to a file or folder tries to use the shared link?
    • "Someone" downloaded my files - What does this mean?


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Customizing Account Settings

    Account Settings cover the following topics:


    • General Options
    • Login and Email Addresses
    • Authentication
    • Account Details


    • Shared Links
    • Collaborating on Content
    • Email Notifications
    • General Emails and Notifications
    • Uploading Content


    • Login Activity


    • Viewing your Profile



    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Using Box Apps

    Box has a number of applications to help it work with your workflow, including Box Sync, Box Edit, and Box Notes. For the time being, LMU has only enabled official Box Apps. Additional apps will require evaluation by ITS. The currently approved apps are:

  • Box Notes

    Box Notes is an easy-to-use document creation tool that functions natively in Box and also as a separate, downloadable application for your desktop.

    Box Notes cover the following topics:

    • 4 Ways To Use A Box Note (BW).mp4
    • Box Notes: Overview and FAQs
    • Box Notes: Notices and Known Limitations


    (updated 10/24/2018)

  • Editing Files with Box Edit

    Box Edit is an add-on feature for Windows and Macs that allows you to open and edit files stored in Box. Designed for all file types, browsers, and platforms, Box Edit uses the default application installed on your computer to open and edit files: Docx files open in Microsoft Word, PPTx files open in Microsoft PowerPoint, XLSx files open in Excel, and so forth.

    Editing Files and Box Edit covers the following topics:

    Box Edit (BW).mp4

    Using Box Edit

    • Installing Box Edit
    • Opening and Editing Files
    • Saving Files back to Box
    • Locking/Unlocking files
    • Uninstalling Box Edit


    • Does Box Edit work on mobile browsers?
    • Can Box Edit be deployed or used in a virtual environment?
    • Does Box Edit support Limited User accounts?
    • Does Box Edit support proxies?
    • What happens if a collaborator opens and edits a document I'm editing?
    • How is Box Edit different from Box Sync?
    • Do they overlap at all?
    • Can admins block their users from using Box Edit?
    • How long are files opened by Box Edit stored on my computer?
    • Where does Box Edit store edited files?
    • How do I change the desktop program that Box Edit uses to open files?
    • Collecting Box Edit Logs Network and Browser Issues


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Mobile Access

    How To Guides for Mobile covers the following topics:

    • Box for iOS 4.0
    • Box for Android 4.0
    • Using Box in your Mobile Browser
    • Box for iOS: Using Box Notes
    • What File Types Are Supported By Box's iOS Preview?
    • Box for Windows Phone Overview and FAQs
    • Mobile Security Settings Overview And FAQs


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Learn More

    Dive deeper into Box by exploring the following resources: