Keep Working Wherever You Are

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Important Updates

ITS COVID-19 RMP Accomodation While Working From Home (WFH)

In an effort to improve WFH conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, ITS is recommending that any employee currently with a Desktop, who has been approved to work from home, convert to Laptops when they become RMP eligible. In making this recommendation, ITS has no intention of increasing expenses for departments across campus. If this transition would leave you without a monitor (meaning that you do not have access to any other LMU standalone monitor) as would normally be provided with the All-in-One desktop, ITS will provide a standard monitor at no additional cost. When processing your RMP replacement, please select, “Special Request” as your new system to draw attention to this change.  This way, an ITS representative is sure to contact you to make certain that the transition from Desktop to Laptop is as smooth as possible and that you have the appropriate peripherals you need. If your computer is not eligible for replacement this fiscal year, but you would still like to transition from Desktop to Laptop and are willing to pay the early RMP release fee, please send an email to the ITS Service Desk and a member of ITS Purchasing will reach out to assist you in processing the appropriate budget transfer form(s).


Temporary Relaxed Rules for taking Tech Home

LMU faculty and staff may take home assigned LMU technology (computers, monitors, peripherals, etc.) during the mandatory work-from-home period. When LMU returns to normal operations, you will be expected to return all LMU technology to campus.

Please note, you need to be able to physically capable of moving and reassembling the components yourself. You cannot expect or need ITS help with setting up the computer or connecting it to your home internet.

Also bear in mind, many of PC desktops do not have WiFi capabilities. You will need to purchase your own WiFi extender or have an Ethernet cable. 


Stay Informed with LMU Communications

Regardless of the nature of the emergency, email will be an essential communication mechanism. Be sure that you have access to your LMU email account, ideally from your mobile phone or tablet, and from a laptop or desktop computer. Be on the lookout for the following communication and visit the sites frequently.

  • LMU Coronavirus site - visit regularly for updates.
  • LMU This Week announcements - check your email inbox for updated announcements.
  • University leadership and the Department of Public Safety will send regular communications in the event of a significant campus emergency or closure.
  • Your college Dean and/or department may provide additional details and guidelines regarding expectations for ongoing instruction and support resources.
  • Update your LMU Alert - Login to MyLMU, click HR Self-Service on the homepage. For more information, go to Public Safety's LMU Alert page. 
  • Human Resources updates - visit LMU Coronavirus site, under Community Messages, for updates.


Do you support faculty or students? 

Please direct faculty and students to these sites.

  • Keep Teaching for tools and resources for successful online instructions.
  • Keep Learning for equipment requirements, tools, and resources for productive online learning.

To Get Started

First Point of Contact - ITS Service Desk

Zoom Security Measures

The 2 most important things you can do to ensure your session is private are:

  • Do not share your Zoom links on public pages, especially if using your Personal ID for meetings. Please request your students not to share this information either. (Note: Sharing of a Zoom meeting without permission is prohibited and violates the Lion's Code.)
  • Set a password. This can also be turned on when scheduling meetings. (Quick steps: Click the meeting, click Edit This Meeting, check the Require meeting password box, enter a password, and click Save.)

Essential Tools for Collaboration and Productivity

Please spend some time reading through the following items carefully to ensure a smooth and productive working off-campus experience.

  • Email - Outlook can be accessed in many ways. Check out these options so that you do not need to install the Outlook on your home computer.

    • MyLMU - Click the Email icon on the home page.
    • Online - Go to Duo authentication is required.
      • If you need to access other email accounts (e.g., departmental email), click on the user icon in the upper right corner, click on Open another mailbox, type the email address for the account, and click Open. This second account will open in a new browser tab.
      • Mobile App - Add LMU/LLS email account to your mobile device.
        • Use the built-in mail app and add it as an Exchange account.
        • Download the Microsoft Outlook app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
      • Desktop App - Download the full Microsoft Outlook desktop client at (click on Office 365 icon on the upper left corner.


      • Find a colleague's phone number. Need to reach colleagues who continue to work on campus, find their phone number on the directories.

        NOTE: Voice messages are saved as attachments to your email account. 

      • Microsoft Teams can be used for text-based chat with LMU faculty and staff (currently not available for students).

      • Zoom is a great option for web conferencing with audio, video, and screen sharing capability.

        • Go to for download instructions, login information, best practices, video tutorials, and more.
        • From MyLMU, click Accounts & Tech, and select Zoom (web conferencing) to access your LMU Zoom account.
      • You can request signers to sign or fill out forms using Adobe Sign. Visit ITS Adobe Sign page to assess if Adobe Sign is the right tool for you, to request an Adobe Sign account, or access training material.

      • Box (including Box Drive) - Login to Box at box.lmu.eduBox is the secure, cloud-based document management, collaboration, and file storage service used for individual and departmental work. Visit ITS Box for additional information. Box Drive is another way to access all your files on the Box cloud. It works just like a folder on your computer.

      • Visit  to download Office (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Teams) on your home computer.

      • For faculty and staff, visit for download instructions on Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, and more.

      • Visit At-Home Software for available titles and download instructions.

      • MyLMU/MYLLS to access other tools such as MyTime and Concur - or

      • Visit this link for all the online support the Library is providing.

        Visit this link on how to access Library resources off-campus.

      • Many applications are not accessible directly or through MYLMU and can only be accessed off-campus via VPN (Virtual Private Network)Examples of "special access" applications that should never be installed on a personal computer include: 

        • Banner Admin
        • eBiz 
        • Advance
        • Network Shares
        • Softdocs Etrieve
        • Virtual Desktops for Longview, Lenel, labs
        • Remote Desktop (connecting to work computer from home) - Please contact the ITS Service Desk

        Access to VPN requires Duo authentication - Duo authentication provides additional security by requiring both something you know (your username and password) and something you have (such as a smartphone, a tablet, a phone, etc.) any time you access any Duo-protected service.

        Click here for VPN and Remote Desktop instructions.

        NOTE: Not everyone needs a VPN account. Only staff working in certain departments will need VPN access. If you need this access, please have your supervisor request it through the ITS Service Desk (supervisor approval is necessary)

      • For LLS Faulty and Staff:

        • Please send an email to with the phone number you want calls to be forwarded to and we will make the change for you.

        For Westchester faculty and staff:

          If you have access to your phone, you can press the Forward button and enter the phone number you want your calls to go.

          If you are away from your phone, you now have an online option.

        1. Go to You will see Cisco's Self Care Portal.
        2. Log in with your LMU username and password.
        3. Click the "Call Forwarding" option on the left pane.
        4. Check the "Forward all calls to" box.
        5. Click the drop-down arrow and select "add a new number"
        6. Type 91, followed by the desired number (example: 913107032874).
        7. Click Save.
        8. Click Sign Out when you are done.



      • Many internet service providers are offering free service during COVID-19. 

        Where to Get Free WiFi for Students During COVID-19 - Campus Technology has provided a list of nationwide internet service providers to help students to keep up with their school work.

        Contact your local provider for additional information - If we know of any other offers, we will update the above list.

        • Comcast Internet Essentials offers free broadband to low-income households, boosts speeds amid coronavirus crisis.
        • Charter offers free access to Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi for 60 days for new K-12 and college student households and more
        • AT&T is waiving data overage fees to all customers so that families and students can stay connected during the pandemic.
        • Verizon stated networks stand ready for increases in data traffic.