Keep Working - Computer Checklist

NOTE: If you need access to additional resources or equipment, please speak to your department leadership.

Users using an LMU-issued laptop:

  • VPN is required to access LMU resources from off-campus.
  • VPN requires Duo authentication which provides additional security by requiring a multi-factor authentication process.
  • If you have not used VPN at this point with your LMU-issued laptop, read about Duo and VPN for further instructions.

Users using a personally owned computer: 

Make sure you adhere to the following requirements when access tools and services listed in the "Essential Tools for Collaboration and Productivity" section.
  • Make sure you have a working antivirus software installed and configured to update daily.
  • If you don't have an anti-virus software installed, you can download the free version of Avast at
  • Update your operating system regularly. This will make sure your computer is protected with the latest security updates from your respective operating system.
  • Secure your Home Wi-Fi network:
    • Change the default password on your router and implement a strong password.
    • Enable strong security on your wireless router (WPA2).
  • Backup your home computer on a regular basis
  • DO NOT download or store LMU's Sensitive or Restricted information to your home computer as defined on this chart.

Other Considerations
  • Make sure your computer is set up and has the software that you need. Take a quick inventory of what software you are using on your LMU-issued computer. 
    • For Windows users, click the Start menu > All Programs. 
    • For Mac users, go to your Applications folder.
  • Confirm your Duo (multi-factor authentication) is working. You can test Duo by accessing from off-campus or HR-Self Service via MYLMU. Go to for further information about multi-factor authentication
  • LMU Office 365 allows you to install Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on home computers.
  • LMU Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to install Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, etc. on home computers.