Watch the above video to learn how to start using Microsoft Teams for all your team conversations. Check out other learning resources below.

If you need a private team, ITS must create it for you. To request a private team, please fill out this form.


Microsoft Teams, a chat-based collaboration workspace that integrates with other Office 365 apps and services, Teams is available to LMU/LLS faculty, student, and staff. Teams is a cross-platform app - available for desktop and mobile, for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Teams is packed with features such as calling, video calling, and instant message (chat), at the present time, we highly recommend that you use Teams as an instant message tool. You can chat one-on-one or create a group chat.

Download this Quick Start Guide to get started.

Access Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has clients available for desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux), web (online), and mobile (Android and iOS). These clients all require an active internet connection and do not support an offline mode.

  • Install - Start here and select the appropriate client for your device. For more detailed installation instructions, check out this article.

  • Login - When logging to Teams for the first time, you need to type your LMU/LLS email address. On the LMU Authentication page, enter your username and password.

Request a Private Team

  • If you need to create a private team, for example for a committee or a working group, ITS needs to create the team for you. Please fill out this form.

Team for a Class

Although Teams is a general use communication tool, it is used by some faculty for course communication. Please remember that Brightspace is LMU’s official Learning Management System and students expect to have their information linked from there. 

If you are interested in using Teams for Class, please see below, as there are two options, each with benefits and drawbacks.

  1. As a private team integrated with your class in Brightspace to allow for chatting, discussions, document sharing, and more (instructions here). 
    • Faculty have the control to make this directly from your Brightspace course
    • The course roster is automatically synced
    • ITS can provide extra support for Teams created via Brightspace
    • More connection points between Brightspace and Teams are coming
  2. As a Teams “Class” with some additional learning tools. 
    • A Teams Class does have some assignment/quiz features that are not available in a private team
    • The ITS Team is only able to provide minimal support for Teams Classes
    • There is no pre-population of students into these Team Classes, and you will need to manually add/drop your students. 
    • To request a Teams Class, understanding the limitations noted above, please fill out this form.

Important Notes

  • In "Contacts," you will see all the staff in your department.
  • Add LMU Box so that you can share links in chats. Follow these steps. Click Files on the left pane, click the "Add cloud storage" link, select Box, enter your LMU email address and click Authorize. On the authentication page, enter your LMU username and password and grant access to Box.

Manage Notifications in Teams

    • There are multiple ways to access and manage notifications for your desktop app, iOS, and Android devices. To learn more, click here.
    • Six things to know about notifications - turn on/off sounds, four ways to get notified, and more. To learn more, click here.

Learning Resources