Teams - Brightspace Integration

Brightspace and Teams are now integrated! LMU is one of the very first universities to use the beta version of the Microsoft Teams-Brightspace integration. This integration allows faculty to create a private Teams group directly on the homepage of Brightspace courses. Teams allows for direct synchronous and asynchronous chat communications, file sharing, and quick meetings, and provides faculty with yet another option for student engagement and community building in their classes. 

Teams created through the Brightspace integration will function like any other Microsoft Team. Brightspace-integrated Teams are not Class Teams, which is a special designation of Team with built-in quizzes and assignments. Rather, it is a standard Team, and all quizzes and assignments should still be run through Brightspace, which has robust tools for both functions. If you would like a Teams Class, fill out this form. Please note that you will need to maintain the roster for each Team on your own, and ITS can provide limited support for Teams Classes.

To be amongst the first to use Teams in your Brightspace courses, follow the steps below.

Set Up

  1. Log in to Brightspace and go to the course for which you'd like to create a Team.
  2. At the bottom right-hand corner of the Homepage, click on the ellipsis icon and select Manage Homepages.



  1. Change the Active Home Page from Course Home Page-Default to Course Homepage+Teams and click Apply.


  1. Click on your Course Title at the top to return back to the Homepage.


Create Your Course-based Team

  1. On the course homepage, find the Microsoft Teams widget and click on Create Course Team.


  1. Select whether or not you would like to allow your students to create their own private Teams channels, then click Create course Team. Note: Private channels in Teams are truly private: only those who are invited to a channel can view its contents.


  1. This will create a Microsoft Team. It may take up to five minutes for the Team to be created (the page says two, but we have experienced up to five). If you have Teams open, you may see a notification that you've been added to the Team. Please give Brightspace a few more minutes to finish the integration, as there is work happening in the background as the process is finalized.


  1. Once your Team is created, the message will change to this.


  1. When you click on Open Your Team, it will launch Microsoft Teams in either a new browser tab, or in the application, if you have it installed on your computer.
  2. At this time, there is no further integration between Brightspace and Teams. Future development is in the works to make the two systems work more seamlessly together.



  • If new students are added to your course, they will automatically be added to Teams. This process may take as long as two hours. Please be patient.
  • You and your students may receive an email indicating that you have been added to a Microsoft Group. This is a normal part of the Teams process. You do not need to do anything.