Teams Etiquette

Etiquette for a Better Teams Experience

  • Keep Teams as your internal collaboration tool; use email for more formal, external communication.
  • Remember that not everyone will be using Teams.
  • Do not send personal or sensitive information over chats.
  • Keep messages short and concise.
  • Use private chat for high-priority questions or just to ping friends.
  • Before starting a chat, make sure you select the intended user or group.
  • Keep conversations ad hoc. If the discussion starts getting complicated, bring it back to emails or phone calls.
  • Be professional with your posts and replies.
  • While Status is tied to a user's Outlook Calendar, be advised that an Out-of-Office reply may be displayed as Available.
  • @mention individuals to get their attention and a response.
  • Use subject lines when starting new conversations.
  • Where you upload your files matters. If you upload a file into the Files tab in a Channel, it gets saved to SharePoint. But, if you upload a file into a private chat, the file is saved in the uploader’s OneDrive and shared automatically with everyone in the chat.