As of June 25, 2018, LMU will use Zoom as its primary web conferencing platform. The information below will help you access and download old WebEx recordings as you transition to using Zoom as your primary conferencing tool.

Login to WebEx:

Webex Support:

Download WebEx Recordings:

Webex recordings are saved in a Webex proprietary file format (ARF). You can always view these files using Webex's player. Visit this page for download option.

You can download one recording file at one time. Follow these simple steps. Or visit this page for detailed information.

  1. Login to WebEx
  2. Click "My WebEx" tab on the top menu
  3. Click "My Files" on the left panel
  4. Click "My Recordings" tab
  5. Scroll to locate the recording you want to download
  6. On the right of the recording, click the 3-dot icon (More Options)
  7. Click "Download" option

Playback Downloaded WebEx Recordings:

The first time you download a recording from your WebEx site, you are asked to download and install the WebEx Network Recording Player to play the recording.

Convert ARF to Other File Format:

  1. Open "Network Recording Player"
  2. On the top menu bar, click File > Open > locate the ARF file and click Open
  3. On the top menu bar, select File > Convert Format > select MP4, recommended format