Zoom vs Skype for Business


Zoom is a cloud-based technology offering a full spectrum of conferencing tools to help increase productivity. It features breakout sessions that enable you to split session participants into groups for training webinars or online classes, and gives meeting organizers full control of meetings, allowing them to mute microphones and control presentation access. Attendees can virtually raise their hands, allowing the session leader/instructor greater control over the collaborative classroom setting by ensuring thoughts and opinions are shared in turn. Zoom also includes a chat utility that can be used to communicate directly with the session leader/instructor or with other attendees.

  • Request a Zoom Account:
    • Before June 24, email to the ITS Help Desk helpdesk@lmu.edu
    • After June 24, login to MyLMU > Systems Login > Zoom. Your account will be automatically created.
  • Learn More about Zoom:


Skype for Business

Skype for Business has many of the same features as Zoom, though different strengths. While Zoom is ideal for group situations such as conferences and online classes, Skype for Business excels as a direct chat tool. The platform allows users to connect easily and quickly using instant messaging, screen and document sharing, and informal audio/video calls. Sending a quick message or file through Skype for Business is easy with an intuitive chat interface, familiar to those who have used Office Communicator, Lync, or Skype, and can easily integrate video and audio from the chat window.

  • Access Skype for Business Account:

Skype for Business is part of the Office 365 family of apps. Login to your Office 365 account and download the app.

  • Set up a Skype for Business meeting in Outlook

Visit this page https://support.office.com/en-us/article/set-up-a-skype-for-business-meeting-in-outlook-b8305620-d16e-4667-989d-4a977aad6556

  • Learn more about Skype for Business:

Visit Microsoft Skype for Business Help and Center https://support.office.com/en-us/skype-for-business




Zoom vs. Skype for Business


Purpose and Recommendation


Skype for Business

Online Meetings and Conferences: Zoom

  • Allows for 100 2-way participants
  • Allows the creation of URLs for individual meetings
  • Allows for breakout sessions
  • Includes phone conference bridge
  • Allows for 250 2-way participants
  • Creates URLs for individual meetings but they are hard to find
  • Does not allow for breakout sessions
  • Does not include phone conference bridge

Chat: Skype for Business

  • Difficult to locate contacts for quick chat
  • Allows for direct file transfer during chat
  • Allows screen sharing
  • Allows for video and audio calls
  • Easy to find contacts for direct chat
  • Has drag-and-drop file sharing
  • Allows screen sharing
  • Allows for video and audio calls
  • Allows for group chats

Online Classroom/Collaboration and Training: Zoom

  • Allows participants to virtually raise hands
  • Allows for breakout sessions
  • Allows screen and file sharing among participants, as controlled by the instructor
  • Allows for direct chat between participants via built-in tool
  • Does not allow participants to virtually raise hands
  • Does not allow for breakout sessions
  • Allows for screen and file sharing among participants, including remote control screen sharing
  • Allows for direct chant between participants