Digital Fax Solutions

Digital faxing options to boost productivity and keep LMU green!

Even in the age of digital everything, the need to receive and send faxes is present at LMU. There are more cost-effective ways to address this need than analog telephone lines. Information Technology Services have been looking into digital faxing options since 2017, and is now offering two options:

Digital Faxing - Install an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) on an existing fax machine. You will continue to receive and send faxes as normal.

Online Faxing - Set up a Fax2Mail email account to send and receive faxes as email attachment.

Digital Fax Options Comparison

For your easy reference, we have compiled this comparison chart for you to determine which option is better suited for your department's needs.

 Digital Faxing from Fax MachineOnline Faxing from Email
Spam Fixes Spam faxes will be printed. Many spam faxes have images that use more ink. Spam faxes come in as an email that you can delete.
Paper supply and toner You need to monitor paper supply and reload. Toner cartridges are expensive. No need for toner or paper.
Incoming faxes Walk up to the fax machine to pick up printed paper. If you are not near the fax machine, someone needs to scan and email it to you. From the convenience of your computer, incoming faxes come in as emails with attachment. You can easily save them to Box for forwarding to others.
Outgoing faxes Walk up to the fax machine and fax as you normally do. If you are not near the fax machine, you will have to wait until you are. Open a new email. In the "To" field, enter the recipient's fax number followed by @fax2mail, and hit "Send".
Fax status Walk up to the fax machine to print the fax status report. If you are not near the fax machine, someone needs to print, scan and email the report to you. Simply check your email's "Sent Items" folder.

Digital Faxing

In the next couple of months, ITS technicians will be on-site to install Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA) to LMU-owned fax machines. You do not need to do anything differently. You will continue to walk up to the fax machine to pick up faxes or send out faxes.

A few things to note:

  • You continue to use your existing fax machine to receive and send faxes
  • Incoming faxes will continue to be printed and paper wasted.
  • Faxes with sensitive or confidential data are in plain sight.
  • Spam faxes consume paper and toner.
  • If you need to save incoming faxes, you will need to scan it first and email to yourself. Then, you need to recycle printed pages.

Note: If you have a non-Ricoh desktop fax machine, please contact ITS Service Desk to see if your desktop fax machine is compatible with this converter model.

Online Faxing

ITS has selected Fax2Mail, a cloud-based digital fax system, for users who prefer to receive or send faxes as emails.

A few things to note:

  • Eco-friendly option for paperless incoming and outgoing faxes
  • Faxes will come in or send out as emails with attachments
  • Ideal for infrequent use of the fax line
  • Ideal for one or a few people who need access to the fax line
  • ITS will create a fax-only email account. An individual will be named as the administrator for this account. Others can be added to this account in order to see incoming faxes.
  • Online faxes will be sent directly to your email instead of the office fax machine that everyone has access to. Many faxes contain legal documents with sensitive details that need to remain confidential. Having faxes sent directly to your email eliminates this potential risk.

To learn more about how this system works, watch the video below, or visit the Fax2Mail site. To download quick reference guide on sending faxes, click here. Check out Fax2Mail's Download Center for additional add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we moving fax services to digital options?

All LMU fax machines are using analog technology which requires equipment maintenance and not as cost-effective as the digital options. This change in technology supports LMU's Go Green initiative and ultimately will reduce paper waste and toner cartridges consumption.

Will I get a new fax number? Our department fax number is published on our website.

No. If you choose to go with the Online Faxing, your existing fax number will be ported over to Fax2Mail fax service. If you choose to go with Digital Faxing, your fax number stays the same.

How do I get my department set up on Online Faxing?

Fill out this online form. A Service Desk ticket will be created in your name and a member of the Network Services team will reach out to you to begin the process.

I have a desktop fax machine. Can I keep using it?

Maybe. Please contact the ITS Service Desk to see if the digital converter is compatible with your fax machine model.

I'm already set up on Online Faxing but I'm having trouble with it.

Please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 310.338.7777.