Immersive Technology FAQ

  • What is VR?

    Virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create a three-dimensional simulated environment for users to immerse themselves in and experience.

  • What is 360° Video?

    360° video is an immersive experience using pre-filmed real-world content as the central media. 360° video is a version of VR created with only real-world content.

  • What is AR?

    Augmented reality is an overlay of content on the real world, but that content is not anchored to or part of it. The real-world content and the CG content are not able to respond to each other.

  • What is Mixed Reality?

    Mixed reality is an overlay of synthetic content on the real world that is anchored to and interacts with the real world—picture surgeons overlaying virtual ultrasound images on their patient while performing an operation, for example. The key characteristic of MR is that the synthetic content and the real-world content are able to react to each other in real time.

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