Instructional Design

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Instructional Design

Dave Scozzaro, Manager of Research Services & Educational Applications, or 310-258-4390

Primary responsibility for Senior Instructional Designer is to support faculty and staff in strategic online program/course design and development, specifically to:

Identify roadmap to create/adapt programs into an online or hybrid format.

  • Streamline development process while providing ongoing support with university policy and timeline in mind.
  • Locate gaps in online skills, knowledge, information and attitude of target audience and create opportunities and experiences to close gaps.
  • Ensure learning management system, tools and programs can support the scope of design ideas.

Assess next steps when leading online initiatives at the department, program and course level.

  • Map out the conceptual and actionable steps and manage progress.
  • Establish vision and goals for online programs/courses while aligning to sound pedagogical and instructional design principles, learning objectives and online learning standards.
  • Ensure quality online programs are developed for high-level student learning based on instructional theory and pedagogy.
  • Support instructional effectiveness and quality of programs, courses, curriculum, educational technology and training products.

Collaborate with Academic Affairs, TEL, departments, staff and faculty across campus to develop innovative methods to support online learning.

  • Work closely with the accreditation entities to support initiatives to legitimize online and hybrid programs and degrees.
  • Work closely with the Instructional Technology team to assist in creating successful and accessible programs in all modalities.
  • Work with subject matter experts to identify what students need to learn in order to meet course objectives and standards.

Provide synthesis of research to identify and analyze the learning needs of course-specific programs.

  • Provide reports of new and emerging technologies, instructional design theories, approaches, policies for potential application to instructional opportunities.
  • Provide recommendations for adaptation of content to shape online learning and restructure activities for engaged student learning in online environments.
  • Provide recommendations for meaningful and measurable assessments in an online environment.
  • Create and maintain documentation for faculty and staff on online pedagogy, course design, tools and techniques for online teaching and learning.

Train faculty and staff on best practice for online learning using the latest research supported by data-driven facts and standards aligned with the best practices outlined by Quality Matters.

  • Develop online modules and resources on pedagogical topics related to online instruction.
  • Plan, develop and teach faculty and staff workshops to promote the development of teaching and learning necessary for effective online instruction.

Consult on effective practices in teaching and learning across online and hybrid, synchronous and asynchronous environments.

  • Consult on the design and development of engaging content aligned with learning outcomes and consistent with Ignatian pedagogy.
  • Recommend the latest technology and tools available at LMU to support strategies for communication and engagement in an online community.

For related services and classroom support that are not part of the Senior Instructional Designer function, consult with the following:

  • Hardware or software troubleshooting, contact ITS Help Desk at or 310-338-7777.
  • Classroom technology and support, contact ITS Classroom Support at 310-338-7777, Option 1; or visit Classroom Support page. 
  • Course technology support for online and hybrid courses: Refer to your college/school’s Instructional Technologist for additional information and resources.
  • Course content creation support through consulting from the Instructional Designer is limited to advising and providing resources. Instructors at LMU are the trained content experts who are trusted to create specific course content.


updated on 02/07/2019