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Faculty: Getting Started

To best prepare for upcoming courses, download the Brightspace Essentials quick guide prior to the start of the semester. You may also want to check out the Brightspace tutorials listed and linked below and to the right, or contact your Instructional Technologist if you require further support.

Brightspace News and Updates

  • Brightspace courses for Spring 2020 semester are now available. Please login to Brightspace to start working on your courses now.
  • If you need assistance, please reach out to your Instructional Technologist.
  • If you'd like your courses merged, please email with the Course Name and Section Number of the courses in question.

Scroll down for a quick guide to start-of-the-semester Brightspace tasks, or click here for next-step tasks.

Additional Brightspace Resources






Below, you'll find instructions for common start-of-the-semester Brightspace tasks. We encourage you to contact your Instructional Technologist with any questions or concerns you have as you start each new semester.

  • Manager of Instructional Technology - Jeffrey Schwartz (310-338-2376) UHall 3139
  • Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts (BCLA) - Jeff Henline (310-338-6061) UHall 3416
  • College of Business Administration (CBA) - Debi Aggers (310-338-3953) Hilton 256C
  • College of Communication & Fine Arts (CFA) and School of Film and Television (SFTV)Nick Somsavanh (310-338-2772)
  • Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering (SCSE) - Andrew Baik (310-338-6541) Foley Annex 141
  • School of Education (SOE) - Elaine Coates (310-338-7494) UHall 2429



1. Copying a Course From a Previous Semester

2. Logging In to Brightspace

3. Merging Courses

4. Adding a Co-Instructor or TA to Your Course

5. Making Your Courses Active in Brightspace

6. Accessing Your Courses

7. Adding Content

8. Posting an Announcement

9. Sending an Email



1. How to Copy a Course From a Previous Semester

  • Go to your NEW Course> Course Admin Click Import/Export/Copy Components
  • Choose "Copy Components from Another Org Unit"
  • Choose "Search for Offering"
  • Enter the name of your old course and click the magnifying glass
  • Choose your OLD course > Add Selected
  • Choose "Copy All Components" to copy the whole course or "Select Components" to copy individual parts of the course.

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2. Logging In to Brightspace

You can log in to Brightspace two ways:

  • Visit MyLMU
  • Select Systems Logins
  • Select Brightspace


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3. Merging Courses

In order to merge courses, email with the following information:

  • Course 1 Name, Number, and Section (CRN)
  • Course 2 Name, Number, and Section (CRN)
  • [additional courses]
  • Preference for which course to merge students into
    • Do you have existing content in any sections/courses?

Ex: Merge ACCT-2110-01 (70269) with ACCT-2110-01 (70270). No preference, no content exists

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4. Adding a Co-Instructor or TA to Your Course

  • Click Roster > Add Participant/Add Existing User > Show Search Options (only the first time)
  • Search for your user and press "Enter"
  • Check off the name of that individual on the left
  • Choose a Role on the right
  • Click "Enroll Selected Users"

*Do not enroll students manually. PROWL will do this automatically. If students are in PROWL but not Brightspace, please contact

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5. How To Make Your Courses Inactive In Brightspace

  • Log in to Brightspace and enter the course
  • In the NavBar, click Course Admin
  • Under Site Setup, click Course Offering Information



  • Click the box under Inactive then Save


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6. Accessing Your Courses, Option 1

  • Hover your mouse over the picture tile above the courses’ name
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner and choose "Pin"

Tip: Pin Your Course to make a shortcut on your main Brightspace page allowing you to get to your courses quickly after at login.

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Accessing Your Courses, Option 2

  • Click "Select a Course" at the top of the page to search
  • Select your course

Tip: Click on the pushpin to the right of the course’s name, to keep the course highlighted at the top of your list.

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7. Adding Content

  • Click on "Content" at the top of your Brightspace front page.
  • In the "Add a Module" box on the left side, type a name such as "Syllabus, Week 1", or "Homework Files" and press Enter.
  • Drag and drop a document from your desktop onto the dotted area.

Tip: In Brightspace, Modules are like organizational Folders.

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8. Posting an Announcement

  • Click "Course Admin" on the top banner/menu
  • Select "Announcements"
  • Select "New Announcements"
  • Compose your message



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9. Sending an Email

  • Click "Roster" on the top menu/banner
  • Select "Email Roster" to email all students
  • To email select students, check the box to the left of a student's name. When you've checked all the boxes you need, click "Email"


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