Brightspace Information

News and Updates for Fall 2020

  • Brightspace courses for Fall 2020 are now available to faculty. Please select “View All Courses” to start working on your Fall courses. If you need assistance, please email to your Instructional Technologist.
  • Zoom - Brightspace integration is now live. 
  • Teams - Brightspace integration is now live.
  • If you'd like your courses merged, email with the course names, course numbers, and sections, e.g. “Please merge CHEM-360-02 and CHEM-360-05.”
  • Fall 2020 courses will automatically become active and accessible to students on the first day of classes. If you wish to change this, select Course Admin > Course Offering Information to change start/end dates.

Faculty: Getting Started

If you are a student looking for Brightspace information, visit this page.

To best prepare for upcoming courses, review these resources. For tips on preparing for Fall, please visit the Keep Teaching site. Contact your Instructional Technologist if you require further support.

Faculty Video Tutorials

Brightspace has created a number of video and print tutorials to help you make the most of Brightspace. All LMU faculty are automatically enrolled in the Instructor Training Course in Brightspace; these tutorials are available on your dashboard as soon as you log into your Brightspace account. Each course has video and printed instructions that will help you become a Brightspace maven in no time.

Navigate Brightspace 

Create Modules

Create a Discussion Forum

Upload a Topic (Create Content)

Create an Announcement

The Announcements tool was previously called News, and may be referred to such in videos created by D2L.

Manage Notifications

Create Assignments

The Assignments tool used to be called Dropbox, and may be referred to such in videos created by D2L.

Create Quizzes

Understanding the Grades Tool

Import, Export, and Copy Course Components