Fall 2020 Faculty Readiness Survey

In an effort to make sure that faculty have the technology and resources required to provide high-quality online education to LMU students, Information Technology Services (ITS) wants to address this issue head-on with a three-pronged approach:

  • Providing an overview survey for each faculty to assess their own experiences and needs with technology.
  • After each faculty member submits their survey, an ITS staff member will provide individual consultations as a follow-up.
  • If any additional training, equipment, or resources are needed, ITS will help coordinate these.

As part of this effort, it is important for you to take a few minutes and respond to these questions.

(Note: This survey works best on a computer, not a mobile device)

After you submit this survey, an ITS staff member will be assigned to reach out to you within a few business days, checking in with you to ensure that you have the resources to make the fall semester a success. Please be patient as we will be managing hundreds of faculty requests and making sure that we will be giving everyone adequate time. An ITS Staff member will be reaching out to schedule a mutually acceptable time.

Please know that at any time you can always check the status of any ITS request by contacting the ITS Service Desk.