Brightspace Workshops for Faculty

Brightspace Workshops for Faculty

The Instructional Technologists offers face-to-face and online workshops all year round. To view and sign up for Brightspace workshops or webinars, click here.

Fresh Start

Geared towards faculty interested in learning more about and using the principles of Backwards Design that are baked into the structure of Brightspace. This workshop is great for faculty who are rethinking current courses, teaching a new course and/or wanting to maximize Brightspace to its fullest potential. 

Nuts and Bolts Workshops

These workshops are meant to cover the core functionality of Brightspace. Here's what you can expect in each of the four 45-minute workshop sessions.

Brightspace 101: Fundamentals

This introductory workshop includes a general overview of Brightspace layout and navigation, as well as the essential skills required for setting up your course and communicating with your students. Featured topics include site navigation, creating modules/folders, uploading course content, and communicating with your students.

Brightspace 201: Student Interactions

This workshop emphasizes the assorted tools available in Brightspace that promote student engagement and assorted learning activities. Featured topics include creating assignment submission folders, evaluating student submissions, using discussion boards, and assigning group projects. A brief overview of the Grade Center will also be provided.

Brightspace 301: Grade Center

The Grade Center is a robust and powerful tool that can be used for tracking and sharing student progress and performance. This workshop will focus on how to best utilize and calibrate the Brightspace Grade Center given your individual course structure and learning objectives. Featured topics include using the Setup Wizard, points vs. weighted grades, grade categories, linking assignment submissions to the Grade Center, and assorted student feedback tools.

Brightspace 401: Online Assessments

This tool-specific workshop examines the assorted survey and quiz tools in Brightspace. Featured topics include automated grading of quizzes, assorted question types, building question banks, creating self-assessments, developing surveys, deploying assessments online, and providing automated feedback to students.