Wireless Access for Devices in Residence Halls

Most of your devices (televisions, gaming systems, set-top boxes, etc.) should be able to connect to the LMU-Wireless network using your LMU username and password. If you find that you cannot connect, you may need to power off (then on) the Wi-Fi on your device before it connects automatically. If you continue to have trouble connecting your device(s) in your room, please contact the ITS Help Desk a helpdesk@lmu.edu or 310-338-7777 for assistance.



If you register wired or wireless devices using this online form, an ITS technician will help you connect devices to LMU's network. NOTE: This process takes one to three business days. If you've filled out the form, please don't call or email the Help Desk for the same reason. This creates extra tickets, which slows response times.

If you have a 4th generation Apple TV, please activate it on your home network before bringing it to campus. This will make the device registration process much easier.

The following devices WILL NOT work on LMU's wireless network:

  • Apple Homepod
  • Chromecast
  • Element TV brands (usually found at Target; supported over ethernet/hardwire only)
  • Grace Digital Internet Radio
  • Nintendo devices (USB/Ethernet can work for some devices); except for the Nintendo Switch, which can connect to wifi.
  • Roku (some versions MIGHT work, please contact the Help Desk if you cannot get it to function)
  • Wireless personal printers (USB cable required)
  • Personal wireless access points (e.g., Apple Airport Express)
  • Some models of Vizio TVs

Before using a network switch in your room to plug in multiple devices, contact the ITS Help Desk with your personal information so that one of our network technicians can contact you.


Updated on 8/30/2018