Educational Technology Services and Support

The Educational Technology Services & Support team is dedicated to the support and advancement of technology-enhanced, teaching, learning and research at LMU. The ETSS team identifies trends, needs, and demands for educational technology on campus. In addition, the ETSS team also provides training for the entire campus community on productivity and general use technology. The Educational Technology Services & Support team has five primary groups:

  • Classroom & Creative Services - Creative Services is dedicated to the creation of multimedia-based resources to improve student learning and faculty outreach. We offer filming, editing, podcasting, web, and innovative pedagogical consultation services to LMU faculty and staff. If you'd like us to help you with a project. Classroom Support ensures all classroom technology and equipment is maintained and updated and keeps learning spaces clean, organized, and conducive to learning. 
  • Communications & Training - This group update ITS website, produce ITS Annual Reports and ITS Strategic Plans, facilitate various ITS events, coordinate and offer instructor-lead technology workshops, and working with other ITS groups to ensure accurate and timely information are posted in LMU This Week email communication.
  • Instructional Technology - The goals for the Instructional Technology group are to support faculty in finding meaningful ways to integrate technology into teaching and learning, to partner with colleges and programs to find appropriate tools and resources for online/hybrid course development, and to implement strategies to support emerging technologies and innovative classroom instruction. Each college or school at LMU has embedded, dedicated Instructional Technologist to help integrate technology into teaching and research to best fit your needs and goals.
  • ITS Service Desk - The ITS Help Desk is your first point of contact for all of your technology-related questions and problems. Even if you're unsure of how to get help with a particular issue, the ITS Help Desk is always a great place to start. The ITS Help Desk staff will answer your questions or route you to the appropriate services.
  • Research Services & Educational Applications - The goal of the Research Services & Educational Applications team is to put a priority on research and to streamline many of the educational technology team’s processes.

Crista Copp

Senior Director of 

Educational Technology

Services & Support


Matt Frank

Director of Creative and Technology Support

Mike Carty

Manager of ITS

Service Desk

Dave Scozzaro

Manager of 

Research Services &

Educational Applications

Janet Lee

Manager of 

Communication and 


Sarah Dickson

Technology Support

Specialist (SCSE)

Alex Egger

Technology Support

Specialist (CFA)

Aaron Flores

Technology Support

Specialist (CBA)

Rory Walsh

Technology Support

Specialist (SFTV)

Keith Jones

Classroom and Event AV Support Technician

Ian McGlaze

Campus Audio 

Video Technician

Mike Sitnikov

Media Support


Kelvin Munnings

Senior Service Desk

Support Technician

Kevin Norwood

Senior Service Desk

Support Technician

Aztlan Gonzalez

Service Desk


Elijah Palacio

Service Desk


Edwin Majano

Service Desk Technician (LLS)

Andrew Baik


Technologist (SCSE)

Elaine Coates


Technologist (SOE)

Katie Harper

Instructional Technologist (BCLA)

Jeff Henline

Instructional Technologist (LLS)

Casey Joseph

Instructional Technologist (CBA)

Nick Somsavanh 

Instructional Technologist (CFA and SFTV)

Michelle Yeung

Research and Educational

Applications Analyst

Burney Wong

Research and Educational

Applications Specialist

Will Gish

Senior Administrative Coordinator