Learning Analytics

Instructors can leverage the Brightspace built-in learning analytics tools to analyze and view pertinent course progress and usage data to better inform their teaching or course design. Brightspace has a whole suite of readily accessible reports for each tool (i.e., assignments, content, quizzes, discussions, grade book). These tools include: 

These reports can help you understand how students are engaging with your course in Brightspace. Reviewing the available learner data in Brightspace helps you understand:

  • which assignments, content items, quizzes, and discussion topics (or their components) are weak (or strong)
  • where in the course students are engaged or disengaged
  • how much time and effort students are expending in each area of your course
  • which content sections are most accessed
  • student progress in various areas throughout the term

The D2L webinar recording below provides a great overview of the different areas of your course where you can access data, focusing on what information you can find out on different activities, tips and tricks with the class progress tool, and how you can create some simple reports using Intelligent Agents in the Brightspace Learning Environment.

Still have questions or need additional data? Contact the ITS Service Desk at 310-338-7777 or servicedesk@lmu.edu to request more information about the available self-service learning analytics tools in Brightspace or creating custom reports using third party tools.