Computing & Software

LMU faculty, staff, and students have access to a number of software and computing options, discounts, subscriptions, and more. Expand the sections below to learn more about free and discounted software, loaner computers, educational discounts, and more.

  • Hardware Purchasing


    LMU's ITS would like to work with you on finding the right technology for your needs. If you have already identified the needed equipment, please send ITS a detailed description or a direct quote. ITS will verify the purchase or look for better pricing from our vendors before starting the purchase process. University Policy dictates that all technology purchases over $100 must be made through ITS.

    If you need help determining your needs, please email ITS the requirements and the details of the project, grant, or request. ITS will follow-up with our best pricing and recommendations.

    Purchasing Process

    • Email to with either a quote already attached, or a detailed description including what the item is; model number or part number if known; or a web page link.
    • Vendors will be contacted to determine the best price and delivery times.
    • Final price is emailed to the department. An approved ITS Requisition Form, including the budget number, should be sent to Greg Hadzinski, ITS Daum Hall, MS8370, x87523
    • If the item is a computer being added to the Resource Management Plan (RMP), two Budget Change Requests (BCR) will be needed. First is a temporary one-time BCR for the actual computer cost. Second is a permanent BCR, for $500 annually, to cover the replacement cost.
    • The Requisition is approved by our technical team and budget manager.
    • Item is ordered through Purchase Order or P-Card.
    • When it arrives, an Incident will be created and the department will be contacted to arrange a time for installation/delivery.

    Items ITS Purchasing Always Buys

    • Computers including Netbooks
    • iPads and Tablets
    • Docking Stations and Monitors
    • Software
    • Graphics Cards
    • Additional RAM
    • Printers
    • Scanners and replacement parts (except Toner)
    • All-In-One Devices (If there is a Print or Scan function)

    Departments May Purchase

    • Adapter Cables, Mice, Keyboards
    • External Hard Drives
    • Laptop Batteries (if users are comfortable choosing and installing the battery themselves)
    • Fax Machines or Fax/Copy
    • Cisco Phone Headsets
    • Projectors
    • Apple USB Super Drive

    Lower prices might be available with ITS vendors for some of these items. If delivery time is a consideration however, fewer steps are involved with a department purchase.

    Departments Should Purchase

    • Flash Drives, Speakers
    • Printer Toner Cartridges
    • Digital Cameras

    Purchasing Contact

    Greg Hadzinski,
    Purchasing Agent
    Loyola Marymount University
    Information Technology Services

    Phone: 310-338-7523

    Software Purchasing

    Lab Computers

    If software is needed in a lab or classroom, please allow at least two weeks to complete the process. ITS must evaluate the request for compatibility within the environment as well as verify current software licensing contracts to prevent unnecessary purchasing. If necessary, additional licenses must be purchased; license keys are then received and installed on the appropriate computers.

    On-Campus Faculty & Staff Computers

    All software purchases must be made through the ITS department. These purchases must have approval from a department head with budget authority and this approval must be stated in writing to start the process. Please allow at least two weeks for the purchase process to be completed. Orders must be evaluated by ITS for compatibility within the environment as well as verified with LMU's current software licensing contracts to prevent unnecessary purchasing; specific budget information must be completed through purchasing; license keys are then received and installed on University owned computers.

    Software for Personal Home Computers

    The installation and use of LMU licensed software is not permitted under any circumstances on any computers not owned by the University. However, certain software titles may be available for individual purchase and home use by LMU Faculty and Staff at a substantial discount under LMU's current agreements with various software manufacturers. These titles are subject to the following LMU End User License Agreement for Adobe and Microsoft:

    By accepting this software,

    1. I may only install products on a computer that I own and on which I am the exclusive or primary user. I may not give, loan, rent, or sell these products or my assigned serial numbers to anyone. Home use software may not be installed on an LMU owned computer.
    2. I may only use this software: (a) for personal use in the pursuit of my studies and/or work at LMU and (b) while I am a faculty, staff or student at LMU. I acknowledge that upon termination of my employment or my student relationship with LMU I will uninstall this software from my computer.
    3. This software is licensed as an entire suite and must be installed as such. Individual products/features may not be separated or substituted on multiple computers. I may, however, omit certain features from my localized workstation installation at my discretion.
    4. I understand and acknowledge that once the software license has been successfully retrieved and a license serial number has been assigned to me, there will be no exchanges or returns permitted.
  • ITS provides a faculty software allowance of up to $250 to help meet unique needs. Requests must go through your college/school's Instructional Technologist who will ensure LMU does not already have a solution for the need in question. ITS may not approve the purchase if there is an alternative solution available.

    All software must be purchased through ITS; your Instructional Technologist will start the process. If the software is more than $250, a department or research budget code is needed to cover the overage. If the software is an approved subscription, ITS will pay for up to a year's subscription if the total cost is less than $250, either directly or through reimbursement to faculty. 

  • Short-term loaner laptop

    Faculty and staff can borrow a MacBook Pro laptop (with both Mac and Windows capabilities) for events, conferences, and other professional reasons. These have a maximum checkout period of two weeks and requires department chair or a supervisor's approval. Please contact the ITS Service desk at or 310-338-7777 for more info. 

    Faculty long-term loaner

    Full-time faculty can access a small pool of long-term loaner MacBook Pro laptops under special consideration. An Associate Dean or Dean's approval is required, and the maximum length of a loan is a 15-week period (one semester) per academic year. Please contact the ITS Service desk at or 310-338-7777 for more info.

    Event loaners

    A number of loaner devices for special events and special use cases, managed by Classroom and Creative Services. To request an event loaner laptop, please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 310-338-7777.

    Loaner laptop for a broken computer

    There are both Windows and Mac laptops for faculty and staff with broken LMU computers. Lending of these laptops will be managed through the repair process with the ITS Field Services team. Once a broken computer has been received, ITS will determine if a loaner computer is warranted. These computers will be comparable to ones in the RMP program and will be provided while the other computer is being fixed. Please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 310-338-7777 to start this process.

  • Examplify is the Law School's Official Examination Software. The former examination software, SofTest, was retired as of August 31, 2017. Students should not attempt to use SofTest, but instead, they should use the new testing application software 'Examplify,' which is now the Law School's official examination software. Examplify will offer students the same offline, locked-down platform that the former examination software had employed. Because Examplify will have a different look and feel, students are strongly encouraged to download, register and thoroughly test Examplify as soon as it is available, but at least 2 - 3 weeks before your first exam. This will give students ample time resolve any issues that may arise with running Examplify on your computer.

    Download Examplify

    • Log into the ExamSoft Portal
      • Log into your account using the credentials at the bottom of the account activation email that was sent to you.
      • Check to confirm that your computer meets the Minimum System Requirements.
    • Click "Download"
      • Read the Acknowledgement of Loyola Law School Examination Rules and Procedures (user's agreement to adhere to the rules and procedures of the law school) and click "I Accept" to continue to download Examplify to your computer.
      • Select "Run" when prompted to "Run or Save" the file. If your browser does not prompt you to "Run or Save" the file, select "Save" and run the file from that location.

    Video Demonstrations

    View the instructional video. The video has a run time of approximately 10 - 13 minutes. Please be advised iPads are not allowed for taking examinations at the LMU Law School.

    Additional Resources

    If you experience technical difficulty with software, call ExamSoft Support at 866-429-8889 (option #3), Monday - Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (EST). You should have your computer with you as well as an active internet connection before calling Examplify as their customer support technician may need to connect to your machine to diagnose and resolve your problem.

    This is not to be confused with the "Practice Exam", which enables you to familiarize yourself with the SofTest exam environment. You may use the Practice Exam as many times as you wish.

  • Here are a few companies who offer educational discounts on computer hardware and software for personal use.

  • LMU students have access to many software and applications that can be download on their personal devices for academic work.

    Click here for a complete list and download instructions.

  • LMU faculty and staff have access to many software and applications that can be download on their personal devices.

    Click here for a complete list and download instructions.

  • You can now access the virtual computer lab system from off-campus. This will allow you to continue to use software that you typically have access to in computer labs and the library.

    Click here for access instructions and software titles.