Research Computing

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Research Computing

LMU's Information Technology Services offers Research Computing Services to faculty across campus through a wide-range of consulting and support services for research and grant projects.

Our goal is to work with individuals, groups and departments to help drive quality research. Dave Scozzaro, Manager of Research Services and Educational Applications, will act as a liaison between faculty, the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, and ITS to consult and determine what services and products would best fit the research goals. Dave can be reached at

We encourage all interested faculty to request a consultation prior to budgeting or purchasing any research computing technology. Through our consultations, we may be able to provide more convenient and cost efficient solutions for your research projects.

We are here to help!


Research Catalog

This catalog provides the majority of the services and products ITS manages for departments across LMU. If you have a request for a research computing service or product that is not listed in our catalog, please contact Dave Scozzaro.

1. Consulting Services

- Research Computing Services includes consultations for support with planning, reviewing, and managing research projects.

  • Review information security plans for research involving sensitive data
  • Review data management plans
  • Review other technical aspects of research projects
  • Identification of unmet needs of research community

2. System Management

- Research Computing Services can provide consultations with our Server Team to outline how research goals can be met through an offering of options and degrees of support services that ITS including hosting, virtual systems and servers, cloud resourcing and more.

  • Host physical/virtual systems both on/off premise and in the cloud
  • Assist with the setup and administration of system software and applications:
    • Virtual systems
    • Physical & virtual servers
    • Cloud resources
    • High performance computing
    • High throughput computing
    • Data storage & retention solutions

3. Software

- Research Computing Services can provide an initial consultation to best understand the software needs of the research project and follow with options for site licensing that may be available through ITS. Per the University's purchasing policy, all software must be purchased through ITS (regardless of budget).

  • Consulting and support for post processing visualization and analysis
  • Consulting and support for high performance throughput computing configuration and operation
  • Research Software Catalog: Site or volume licensing is available for the following software. Other software may be also be available.
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • ArcGIS
    • LMU Build
    • Maple
    • Mathematica
    • MatLab
    • Nvivo
    • Qualtrics
    • SAS
    • SPSS
    • Stata

4. Websites, Databases, Data Storage, Archive

- Research Computing Services can provide consultation for data solutions, storage and publishing of data to best serve the goals of the research project. Consulting and support for:

  • Storage solutions and data access
  • Access to cloud computing resources
  • Research data
  • Analysis of data
  • Online publishing and visualization of research data

5. Data Management & Security

- Research Computing Services includes consultation of security needs for data storage and management procedures and policies and provides the appropriate documentation required to ensure preparations, auditing, and documenting of data management and security are current and present.

  • Consulting and support for cybersecurity needs of research projects
  • Architect computer system administration for research projects
  • Review contracts, perform security assessments
  • Formal documentation of involvement with data protection, MOUs, and other compliance requirements
  • Auditing System patching Account provisioning Access logs to protected data