Network & Infrastructure

All ITS services are delivered via our network infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of the fiber optic and copper cables between buildings, within buildings, network equipment, and various tools for configuring and managing network resources.

  • Faculty, Staff, and Students

    Please note, as of Fall 2020, you need to be on Mac OS/iOS version 10.13 or higher to connect to LMU-Wireless.

    Both the Westchester campus and Loyola Law School now have the same wireless network SSID, LMU-Wireless. This means that once you have connected to the network on one campus, you will connect seamlessly to the network if you visit the other campus—perfect for faculty and staff who may have to travel between campuses to teach or attend meetings, and for students who attend classes on both campuses, or use both facilities.

    Connecting to the LMU-Wireless network is quite simple. In most cases, you just need to log into the network using your LMU or LLS username and password. You may be asked to accept a security certificate as well. This is normal and expected.

    If you need help connecting to a specific device, you can find step-by-step instructions on the pages linked below.


    Smartphones and Tablets

    Guest Access

    1. Join Network: If you are a guest on the Westchester or Loyola Law School campuses, enjoy wireless access by joining the LMU-Guest network.
    2. Register on Network: Once connected, open your browser and navigate to any web page. The system will redirect you to the guest registration page. On the guest registration page, type in your name and a valid email address. The email address will be your username. You can also add your phone number and cellular provider so that your credentials can be sent via SMS the next time you want to join the guest network. Once you accept the terms of use, click register to be directed to the receipt page.
    3. Registration Confirmation: On the receipt page, the details of your new account will be displayed and sent to the email address you supplied. You may also download or SMS your account details, by using the links at the bottom of the page.

    For help with wireless connectivity or to report a wireless problem in your department/work area, contact:

  • Through VPN, ITS provides network access for remote users. You need to install the VPN Client software on your computer. Please follow these instructions to download the client software.

    NOTE: VPN users need to authenticate their identity through Duo. Visit ITS Duo page at for enrollment instructions if you have not done so.


  • eduroam (Education Roaming) is a secure access service for the international research and education community. Researchers and staff from participating institutions can obtain internet connectivity across campuses worldwide when visiting other participating institutions. eduroam is in use at over 200 university campuses in the United States and over 5500 campuses worldwide.

    How do I use eduroam?

    To join the eduroam network at a participating institution, use your LMU or LLS credentials in the login and password fields. Add username as follow: for Westchester or for Loyola Law School. This way, the authentication server at another eduroam campus knows to go to LMU to verify your login credentials.

    If you'd like to test the eduroam login process before you go to a participating institution, use the above steps to join the eduroam network on either the Westchester or Law School campuses. If you can connect at your campus, it will work at other eduroam institutions. 

    NOTE: eduroam is not available to students.

  • See the wireless device registration and ethernet port activation page for more information. 

  • ITS provides custom application development services. Have a need that does not fit in with any of the existing commercial products? IT can help with our experienced programmers, system analysts and project managers.

    Our programming skills include Microsoft.NET, Java, PLSQL, Scripting (Unix, JavaScript). If we need outside consultant for a specific skill, IT will work with our partners to get the right person. ITS will manage the requirement gathering, system analyzing, development, deployment, training and maintenance of the product lifecycle.

    For any applications that ITS custom develops, we will maintain and upgrade it. For a custom application that is NOT created by ITS, we can not be responsible for its maintenance. To begin custom application development, contact the ITS Service Desk at or 310-338-7777.

  • ITS hosts and administers databases for enterprise applications and also for academic and administrative departments. Oracle Enterprise Edition is our preferred database, however, we also support Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle mySQL for applications that require it. We do not provide support for Microsoft Access, File Maker Pro, Microstrategy, InterSystems Cache, or others. Please check with Information Technology Services when in doubt about database support for your project.

    Custom training for professors is available upon request.

    For information about supported databases and help selecting the right one for your project, contact the ITS Service Desk at or 310-338-7777.