Instructional Technology

Technology you're expected to use for teaching can be overwhelming and may seem to change often. This is why we offer human help from friendly experts.

The Instructional Technology Support Team provides direct assistance to faculty as a service to the academic community. Our goal is to prepare you to teach well with the right tools, helping you adopt the things you should adopt while avoiding things you should avoid.

Instructional Technologies are tools you use help augment your teaching. Instructional Technology, as a service, bridges pedagogical and technological support methods to enhance teaching and engage learners. Instructional Technologists are the knowledgeable experts who advise you in the process every step of the way. Our staff of specialists can take time to meet with you independently so that A. your individual needs are addressed, B. you develop your own comfort and mastery, and C. you foster an ongoing relationship.

To reach your Instructional Technologist, contact the ITS Service Desk at or by calling 310-338-7777.


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Meet the Team

ITS assigns an Instructional Technologist to each of LMU's colleges and schools. This person knows your curriculum, gets your culture, and minds the nuances of your community. As a result, they recommend tools and practices best suited for your approach, and guide you as you implement them. Your Instructional Technologist is available by appointment to discuss your goals concerning your students and your course.

Malik Singleton

Manager of Instructional Technology

Elaine Coates

Senior Instructional Technologist
School of Education (SOE)

Casey Joseph

Instructional Technologist
College of Business Administration (CBA)

Julie Cohen

Julie Cohen

Instructional Technologist
Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts (BCLA)

Brendan Curran

Instructional Technologist Seaver College of Science and Engineering (SCSE)