Secure IT

The ITS Information Security team is the primary point of contact for all information security issues on campus, including:

  • phishing awareness campaigns
  • security training for LMU and LLS faculty and staff
  • new employee information security orientation
  • computer hacking incidents
  • malware outbreaks
  • data loss prevention
  • vulnerability scanning
  • firewall auditing
  • guest and temporary access to resources
  • privacy legislation compliance
  • PCI-DSS auditing and compliance
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices

Additionally, the ITS InfoSec team is charged with mitigating risk through the development and maintenance of LMU's information technology security strategy, IT policies and best practices, information security awareness training, ongoing risk assessments, and compliance tasks.

As a participating member of the InCommon Federation, Loyola Marymount University provides information about its practices so others can decide whether to trust our systems based on these declarations.

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