Resource Management Planning (RMP)

The university's Resource Management Plan (RMP) is the phased replacement of all university-owned computers over a four-year cycle.

The process for RMP replacements was implemented with the intention of creating a streamlined, convenient flow of information and service. Information is forwarded to RMP Coordinators, LMU faculty, and staff via email, web form, our work order system (ServiceNow), and a self-scheduling calendar.

See the RMP Catalog in ServiceNow.

NOTE: If you have any RMP related questions, please reach out to the RMP Coordinator for your area first. Keep in mind this list is for internal use only and should not be publicly distributed or shared. You will be prompted to login to LMU Box for access.

Adding Computers to RMP Inventory

If you wish to add a new computer to your departmental inventory and would like to put it on the RMP schedule, please follow these steps:

  • The Cost Center and Spend Category to be used for the computer purchase should be entered in the Cost Center text box. A purchase request will be created in Workday for department approval.
    • ITS will initiate a Budget Amendment in Workday for the $500 annual budget reduction. If a different Cost Center or Spend Category should be used for this, please note this in the Cost Center text box. If that is unknown, please enter the name of a budget manager or department finance specialist so ITS can get this information.

    • The Order Type should be “RMP”.

    • Click on Order Now. A work order ticket will be created in ServiceNow for tracking and installation.

When the purchase is approved in Workday, the ServiceNow ticket will be advanced. If we have the model in stock, you will receive an email to schedule the installation. If it is a special request, the order will be placed. Installation will be scheduled when the computer is received.

RMP Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this RMP FAQ Knowledge Bases article in ServiceNow.