Duo multi-factor authentication provides additional security for LMU systems by requiring something you know (your username and password) and something you have (such as a smartphone, a tablet, a phone, etc.) when you access any Duo-protected services. Duo-supported devices include iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, tablet. Other methods, such as text message, landline, phone call, or a hardware token (upon request), are available as well.


Self-Service Duo Portal

You can perform the following actions by visiting the LMU Duo Portal (lmu.edu/duoportal). You will be prompted to login to LMU's Authentication page.

  • add or remove devices
  • manage how you receive notifications

If you have not enrolled in Duo, from a computer, login to MyLMU, click the HR Self-Service link, and follow the onscreen instructions. Click here for an enrollment video. Basic cell phones, tablets, smartphones, or landlines are acceptable devices. For more supported devices, click here.

If you have already enrolled in Duo, you will be prompted to send a Push (recommended) to your registered device. From your registered device, tap the Accept button.

Duo Enabled Apps or Services (for Faculty and Staff)

Starting Jan. 6, 2021, all faculty and staff will be required to authenticate via Duo to access the following systems in addition to other systems already protected by Duo.

  • MyLMU
  • Degree Works
  • ARMS for Athletics and Public Safety

The following services are protected by Duo.

  • Box Online, via box.lmu.edu or MyLMU, from off-campus.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) from off-campus. Visit Duo and VPN for more information.
  • HR Self-Service, on-campus or off-campus.
  • Outlook Online via mail.lmu.edu from off-campus.




Check out the resources below on how to enroll, what devices can be used for enrollment, and frequently asked questions.

Duo Tutorials, Videos, and Information

The LMU ITS Knowledge Base contains all the information you'll need to know about signing up for and using Duo. See a full list below to get started.