Labs & Learning Spaces

Over 950 computers (both Mac and Windows) are available in more than 60 spaces on campus. Some spaces are for general computing use; while others have specialized software installed for specific disciplines and are only available to students enrolled in those classes. 

  • Many of these spaces are open to all students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most spaces are not staffed by students or staff. Most printers are PHAROS ready (OneCard required to print). ‌

    University Hall 3700
    Theology Village
    2 Windows, no printer

    University Hall 3900
    Modern Language Village
    2 Windows, no printer

    University Hall 4100
    Political Science Village
    6 Windows, 1 printer

    University Hall 4700
    Psychology Village
    16 Windows, 1 printer

    University Hall 4th Floor
    Economics Village
    3 Windows, no printer

    William H. Hannon Library
    Information Commons
    73 Macs (dual boot), multiple printers

  • These spaces are used for classroom instructions or lab assignment for students in its disciplines. Most spaces do have printers. Please note that this is only a small representation of this type of spaces.

    Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts


    Language Center
    University Hall 3240
    27 Windows, 4 Macs, 2 printers

    Experimental Economic Labs
    University Hall 4226
    33 Windows, 1 printer

    BCLA eClassroom
    University Hall 3212
    33 Windows, 1 printer


    College of Business Administration


    Hilton 010 (basement) Computer Lab
    11 Windows, 11 Macs, 2 printers

    Hilton 113 Classroom
    28 Windows

    Hilton 115 Classroom
    28 Windows

    Hilton 107

    College of Fine Arts and Communication


    Graphic Design Studio
    Burns 214
    18 Macs, 2 printers

    CFA Computer Lab
    Foley 200
    17 Macs, 1 printer

    School of Film and Television


    Recording Studio
    Comm Arts Basement
    Macs, no printer

    Animation Labs
    Comm Arts 3rd Floor
    14 Windows and 14 Macs

    Post Production Studio
    Comm Arts Basement
    Macs, no printer


    School of Education


    SOE eClassroom
    25 iMacs (dual boot)
    25 Macbook Pros (dual boot)
    Printing available

    SOE Computer Lab
    University Hall 2422
    22 Macs, 1 printer

    SOE Podcast Studio
    University Hall
    1 Mac, no printer


    Seaver College of Science and Engineering


    Pereira 120
    10 Windows, 1 printer

    Computer Lab
    Seaver 120
    7 Windows, 7 Macs (dual boot)

    Health and Human Science Computer Lab
    North Hall 202
    5 Windows, 5 Macs (dual boot), 1 printer