Copyright Policy

Use of Copyrighted Materials on LMU Platforms

It is the responsibility of the university to develop copyright policy, to institute it in the organization, and to promote the policy to faculty, staff, and students through training and by providing informational materials on US Copyright Laws. Any member of the university who does not follow the university copyright policies can be held personally liable. See the LMU Guide to Copyright Compliance, or the Library Guide to Copyright, for additional information.

Electronic Reserves are located on Brightspace course pages.

All copyrighted material, with the exception of that material owned by the user, must be posted to ERes, not Brightspace. All copyrighted materials, whether they be slides, PowerPoint presentations, Excel graphs, scanned images, video or audio clips, must be used in accordance with copyright guidelines.

Web materials may be linked within course content, but may not be copy-and-pasted into the faculty member’s Brightspace course. When using methods other than hyperlink references (HREF) to link to other sites or when using frames, permission needs to be obtained from the source.