Academic Technology Committee


The charge of the Academic Technology Committee is to provide a forum for members of the academy to provide input and make suggestions regarding their technology needs. The committee is also responsible for the determination of the annual Technology Grant awardees. Meetings are held monthly throughout the academic year and the committee is in hiatus during the summer months.


Six full-time faculty, one from each school and college; two student representatives(one graduate and one undergraduate); one professional librarian; the VP for Information Technology and Business Services (ex officio); the Director of Educational Technology and Support (ex officio); and the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence (ex officio).

Terms of Office

Members serve three-year terms. Any member shall be eligible for reappointment to a second term. No faculty shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms without a term off before reappointment.


The Provost appoints the chair from among the faculty members of the committee. The appointment is made upon recommendation of the committee.

Current Membership

  • Thomas Herndon, Ph.D. Economics, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts (Chair) - Term expiration 2024
  • Shan Wang. Ph.D., Accounting, College of Business Administration - Term expiration 2022
  • Allison Noyes, Ph.D. (NE), Communication Studies, College of Communication and Fine Arts - Term expiration 2023
  • Yanping Ma, Ph.D.(IL), Mathematics, Seaver College of Science and Engineering - Termi expiration 2023
  • Kurt Daugherty, M.F.A., Recording Arts, School of Film and Television - Term expiration 2022
  • Rebecca Stephenson, Ph.D.(NE), Educational Leadership, School of Education - Term expiration 2024
  • John Jackson, M.L.I.S., Outreach and Communications, William H. Hannon Library - Term expiration 2022
  • Vacant, Graduate Student
  • Vacant, Undergraduate Student

IL = Interim Leave, see bottom of roster for name of person serving as the interim committee member

NE = Not eligible to serve another term


Ex Officio

  • Karie Huchting, Ph.D., Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Crista Copp, Senior Director, Research and Educational Technology
  • Patrick Frontiera, Vice President for Information Technology and Business Services


IL: Interim Committee Member: Spring 2022, Joseph Reichenberger, Ph.D., Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, Seaver College of Science and Engineering