Artificial Intelligence

This collaborative AI hub is intended to provide the LMU community with information regarding Artificial Intelligence related tools, resources, and policies at LMU in order to facilitate awareness, innovation, responsibility, and security in the use of AI for teaching, learning, research, and operations.

STUDENTS: See disclaimer and note below

Tools and Resources

AI Tools Availability

Find out which AI tools are supported by ITS and available third-party tools

Data Security & Privacy

How to use AI safely and know how vendors use data

AI on the Bluff

Information about AI efforts and events across the LMU community

FAQs about AI

Look up frequently asked questions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. This includes learning from experience, reasoning, understanding language, recognizing patterns, and problem-solving. ChatGPT has started to become synonymous with Artificial Intelligence, however it is important to note that ChatGPT is but one piece/tool under the AI umbrella. AI tools include writing, image creation, audio, coding, etc.

Disclaimer: This website does not endorse the use of AI in teaching and learning at LMU. Faculty decide their policies related to technology in their courses and reserve the right to consider the unauthorized use of AI to be a breach of the university’s Academic Honesty Policy. Students should always consult their faculty for the specific course policies related to the use of AI. Sanctions for violations of the Academic Honesty Policy may include failure for the assignment, the course, academic probation, suspension, or dismissal from the university. For more information, visit LMU's Academic Honesty website.

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