Start-of-Semester Tasks for Faculty

Below, you'll find instructions for common start-of-the-semester Brightspace tasks. We encourage you to contact your Instructional Technologist with any questions or concerns you have as you start each new semester.

    • Go to your NEW Course> Course Admin Click Import/Export/Copy Components
    • Choose "Copy Components from Another Org Unit"
    • Choose "Search for Offering"
    • Enter the name of your old course and click the magnifying glass
    • Choose your OLD course > Add Selected
    • Choose "Copy All Components" to copy the whole course or "Select Components" to copy individual parts of the course.
  • You can log in to Brightspace two ways:

    • Visit MyLMU
    • Select Systems Logins
    • Select Brightspace


  • In order to merge courses, email with the following information:

    • Course 1 Name, Number, and Section (CRN)
    • Course 2 Name, Number, and Section (CRN)
    • [additional courses]
    • Preference for which course to merge students into
      • Do you have existing content in any sections/courses?

    Ex: Merge ACCT-2110-01 (70269) with ACCT-2110-01 (70270). No preference, no content exists

  • Click Roster > Add Participant/Add Existing User > Show Search Options (only the first time)

    • Search for your user and press "Enter"
    • Check off the name of that individual on the left
    • Choose a Role on the right
    • Click "Enroll Selected Users"

    *Do not enroll students manually. PROWL will do this automatically. If students are in PROWL but not Brightspace, please contact

    • Log in to Brightspace and enter the course
    • In the NavBar, click Course Admin
    • Under Site Setup, click Course Offering Information


    • Click the box under Inactive then Save



  • Option 1

    • Hover your mouse over the picture tile above the courses’ name
    • Click on the three dots in the top right corner and choose "Pin"

    Tip: Pin Your Course to make a shortcut on your main Brightspace page allowing you to get to your courses quickly after at login.


    Option 2

    • Click "Select a Course" at the top of the page to search
    • Select your course

    Tip: Click on the pushpin to the right of the course’s name, to keep the course highlighted at the top of your list.

    • Click on "Content" at the top of your Brightspace front page.
    • In the "Add a Module" box on the left side, type a name such as "Syllabus, Week 1", or "Homework Files" and press Enter.
    • Drag and drop a document from your desktop onto the dotted area.

    Tip: In Brightspace, Modules are like organizational Folders.

    • Click "Course Admin" on the top banner/menu
    • Select "Announcements"
    • Select "New Announcements"
    • Compose your message


    • Click "Roster" on the top menu/banner
    • Select "Email Roster" to email all students
    • To email select students, check the box to the left of a student's name. When you've checked all the boxes you need, click "Email"