Zoom Best Practices

Follow these guidelines for productive and effective sessions

  • Zoom Update - Keep your Zoom client updated. When you are prompted to update your app, please do so. After May 30, the update will be forced.
  • System Check - Complete a system and web browser check at least 24-48 hours prior to the web conference. This allows time to make any necessary changes (with the help of ITS Service Desk or Zoom Support, if necessary).
  • Internet Connection - Participate from a location with a strong and stable internet connection.
  • Open Applications - Particularly when presenting, any dropped connections from the web conferencing system can be very disruptive to a meeting. Close all other applications on the computer that are not necessary for the presentation. This will help the software operate more efficiently, and will help to conserve the individual network bandwidth.
  • Quiet Location - Participate from a quiet location. To avoid disruption, post a note on your door, notify roommate and/or family that you're in a web conference.
  • Be On-Time - It can take a while to get logged in and set up for a web conference, so plan to arrive a little early (~5 minutes prior to the conference start time).
  • Audio Quality - If using VoIP for audio, use a headset with a microphone. It provides better sound quality and helps reduce background noise.
  • Mute - Mute your phone/microphone when not speaking. Every noise that is made, including paper shuffling, pencil tapping, typing, coughing, and chatting with others, will be heard by everyone else in the conference.
  • Stay Engaged - Follow the expectations and etiquette established by the presenter. For example, the presenter may ask to be interrupted with questions or comments on audio at any time, raise hands, or post in the Chat.
  • Identify Yourself - Identify yourself by name when verbally asking a question or making a comment.
Guidelines adapted from UW-Madison Web Conferencing Best Practices, https://kb.wisconsin.edu/page.php?id=46156&no_frill=1