Information Security Awareness Training

About the Training Program

All LMU community members with access to university’s information resources are required to complete annual security awareness training on a periodic basis, as stated in the ITS Information Security Policy, section 6.11. To fulfill this requirement, the ITS Information Security team has developed a formal online course to ensure that all LMU community members can easily participate in and complete the security awareness program.

  • Faculty, staff, and student employees can access this course from Workday Learning. Learn more here.
  • All students can access this course on the Brightspace homepage. Learn more here.

The course has been designed to provide best practices on how to protect LMU's computer systems, along with its data, people and other assets, from cyber threats or attacks. 

It is our shared responsibility to safeguard our online and offline presence. With most of our daily interactions involve emails and the Internet, it is important that we continue to practice the best security behavior, to demonstrate our ability to identify possible threats, and to know what to do in the situation. We hope this course and future offering bring security awareness to all LMU faculty, staff, and student employees.

Thank you for keeping LMU safe and compliant!