Information Technology FAQ

Common Questions and Answers

These are the questions we get most often from Faculty, Staff and Students.

Start here, and if you need more help, don't hesitate to contact the ITS Help Desk at or 310-338-7777 (ext. 87777 on campus).

Tech on 2 is the dedicated student help desk. Drop by our location on level 2 of the Library Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm (hours vary in summer and during holiday periods) for assistance with any of the issues below.

  • MYLMU issues: Unable to Log into MYLMU? Forget your username or password?
    1. Click the [reset your password] button on the login screen at
    2. Enter the requested information. This process will give you your username and let you pick a new password.
  • Why can't I see my class in Brightspace?

    Before contacting the Help Desk, please consult with your professor to make sure he or she has set the course to available. 

    By default classes are not marked "active" in Brightspace, each class must manually be marked "active" by the class instructor and you will be unable to view the class until it is marked "active".

  • Mac or PC: What should I choose for my college career?

    If you were to strip away the outer casings of these computers, the average user would have a hard time differentiating them.  For the most part, they have the same stuff on the inside!  Hard drive, memory, fan, etc.; these can be found inside ALL computers.  So what should you choose?

    Here are our pros and cons to each platform:

    PC/Windows pros


    • Cheaper on average
    • Wide variety of sizes
    • Easier to upgrade post-purchase
    • Better for gaming (if you’re into that kind of stuff)


    PC/Windows cons


    • More susceptible to viruses
    • Windows Updates occur weekly
    • No branded/dedicated support spot
    • Windows or Linux/Unix operating systems only


    Macintosh pros


    • Less susceptible to viruses (but not immune!)
    • Less frequent updates
    • Possible to install a Windows operating system
    • Work much better with apple products (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
    • Dedicated support stores (Apple Store)


    Macintosh cons


    • More expensive on the average
    • Limited hardware selection
    • More expensive peripherals (Apple keyboards, mice, etc.)


    “Well that’s great and all, but which should I choose?” 

    Our best advice is to look at it from a college career/major perspective. If you’re set on becoming an accountant, you will probably encounter more Windows machines in your career after you graduate. Likewise, if you’re headed toward a career in Film and Television, you are probably headed toward a field that is Mac-heavy. If you’re unsure, speak to your advisor, faculty who teach that discipline, and check out the major-specific lab in your area!

  • How do I connect to the student WiFi?

    LMU offers students WiFi access throughout the campus. The WiFi name is "Student(Secure)." To join the network, enter your current MYLMU credentials. View more detailed instructions.

    For other devices (such as TVs and gaming systems), you may require additional technology assistance from the ITS Help Desk. Contact them at or 310-338-7777 (ext. 87777 on campus).

  • How do I connect my Lionmail to my phone?

    LMU students can access their Lionmail account directly through Gmail (with an extra step or two).

    You will need to change your Lionmail password as a preliminary step. Please note that your MYLMU and Lionmail passwords are not synchronized in any way.

    1. To reset your Lionmail password
      1. Login to your MYLMU account at and click on Lionmail Password Reset under Shortcuts, usually located on the left.

      2. On the next screen reset your Lionmail password. It can be the same as your MYLMU password if you so choose. Be sure to click on the Change Lionmail Password button.

    2. Log in at with your Lionmail address and the password you set in step 1.2 above.‌
    3. You will be redirected to LMU’s authentication page. Enter your MYLMU username/password.

    4. You will then be logged in to your Lionmail account.
  • Connecting to the Faculty/Staff WiFi: What is the password for the WiFi?

    The Faculty/Staff WiFi is the same username and password as your MYLMU account. When prompted for a username/password, please enter your MYLMU credentials, this will allow you access to the University's Faculty/Staff network.

  • How do I set up my LMU email on my mobile device?

    When adding a new email to your phone, please use the following settings: 

    • Mail type: Exchange
    • Mail server:
    • Domain: lmumain
    • Email: your
    • Username: your LMU username
    • Password: your LMU password
    • SSL: Accept all SSL certificates