Learn more about different ways to upload files, move or copy files/folders, and more.

  • Manage files and folders cover the following topics:

    File and Folder Actions

    • Create New Files or Folders
    • Moving and Copying
    • Delete Files or Folders
    • Rename Files or Folders
    • Search for Files or Folders

    Organizing and Tracking Content

    • Sort Files
    • Folder Icons
    • Access Stats
    • File Timestamps
    • Version History
    • Favorites
  • Uploading and downloading files and folders cover the following topics:

    Upload to Box

    • Drag and Drop
    • File Browser
    • Email Upload
    • Mobile Uploads

    Download from Box

    • Single File
    • Multiple Files


    • What's the maximum file size I can upload to Box?
    • Size Limits in Internet Explorer
    • Why are the New and Upload buttons greyed out?
    • I can't upload folders on Box while using Safari on my Mac. What do I do?
    • Can I upload iWork or .pkg files to Box?
    • "File in transition" message Java in Windows 7
    • Troubleshooting: Upload
    • Troubleshooting: Download
  • Search covers the following topics:

    • Search: Overview and FAQs
    • How do I search for files and folders in Box?
    • Advanced Search Filters
    • Box Search Tips
  • How do I move files onto Box?

    ITS recommends two methods for initial content migration to Box. 

    • Upload File or Upload Folders: All you need to do is locate the files or folders you wish to upload. Please note: uploading folders currently only works in Google Chrome.
    • Drag and Drop: Simply drag the files or folders you wish to upload onto your Box files.

    If you run into issue using these two methods or have massive amount of data, contact ITS Service Desk at servicedesk@lmu.edu for another solution.

    Is there a file size limit on Box?
    The maximum file size for a single file you can upload using your LMU Box account is 15 GB.

    What types of files can I store in Box?
    You can store any file in Box. However, you can edit and view only selected document types that are stored in Box.

    I have work files in other cloud storage products. Can I store them in Box?
    Yes, but you will first need to download those documents to your computer, and then upload them to Box.

    Can I share my files with people outside LMU?
    Yes. You can share documents with people outside LMU by sending them a link to the file, just make sure your sharing option is set to "Anyone with the link". You can also embed a file in a website, if you want to offer public access.

    How do I share files with LMU and LLS students?
    Students now have Box accounts, so you can share files with them in the same way you'd share with a faculty or staff member. 

    For faculty who want to share course content via Box, LMU's learning management system, Brightspace, is a better solution for your needs. If you need assistance getting started with MYLMU Connect, contact your Instructional Technologist.

    How long will files stay in my trash?
    Deleted files are kept in Trash of the person who deleted the files for 30 days. After that, they are permanently deleted.