Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing and Collaboration

Box provides different ways to share contents with other users. Share Links are considered one-way sharing. Collaboration are for in-depth collaboration. Both options can be used for inviting external users. (non-LMU Box users).

  • Sharing Links with Other People

    Shared Links covers the following topics:

    Generating Shared Links

    • Shared Link Access

    Shared Link Settings

    • Custom URL
    • Password Protection
    • Link Expiration
    • Allow Download
    • Direct Links

    Folder and Account Settings

    • Folder Settings
    • Account Settings


    • What happens if I disable a shared link?
    • What happens if a file is deleted while it has an active shared link, but is later restored?
    • What happens if a user that shouldn't have access to a file or folder tries to use the shared link?
    • "Someone" downloaded my files - What does this mean?


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Collaborating through Invites

    Collaboration Through Invites covers the following topics:

    • Collaboration Invites And Account Creation
    • Troubleshooting Issues With Collaborative Folders (FAQ)
    • What Is The Difference Between Collaboration And Shared Links?
    • Inviting Collaborators Walkthrough
    • How Do I Remove Or Resend A Pending Collaboration Invitation?


    (updated 7/6/2017)

  • Managing Collaborators

    Managing Collaborators cover the following topics:

    • Modifying Collaborator Access Levels
    • Transferring Folder Ownership
    • Removing Collaborators
    • Hiding Collaborators
    • Collaborator Auto-Expiration


    (updated 7/6/2017)