Academic Technology Grants

Academic Technology Grants are administered by the Office of Faculty Affairs and available to all tenured and tenure-track faculty members. For more information, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs (310-338-4688 or or the Academic Technology Committee (

Academic Technology Integration Grant

The Academic Technology Integration Grant is awarded to faculty to help integrate substantial technological advancements into course development, resulting in a new course or major revision to an existing one.

Learn more about these awards by reading the 2018 Academic Technology Integration Grant application.

Academic Technology Summer 'Tinkering' Grants

The Academic Technology Summer Grant allows recipients to tinker, play, experiment, and share potential uses of technology in the classroom. Faculty members will receive a $1,000 stipend to explore and incorporate a change in at least one course through the use of technology.

Learn more about the Summer "tinkering" grants by reading the 2018 Academic Technology Summer Grant application.

Where To Apply

The due date for 2018 Integration applications was February 16. Grant recipients will be announced March 22. The Summer grant deadline is March 16, and the application is here.

Past Recipients

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  • Franca Dell'Olio, Educational Leadership and Administration

    Investigated methods of creating a virtual classroom in which the professor can address all the students at once, but also subdivide students into groups that could share work online in real-time while the professor "moves" from group to group, overseeing work and offering feedback.

    Charlotte D'Evelyn, Modern Languages and Literature

    Instituted blogging via LMU Build as a class requirement to help student research find an audience via the web.

    Emily Fisher, Educational Support Services

    Integrated Edthena video technology into an Introduction to Counseling course to record counseling role-plays so students could self-reflect on their counseling skills and others, including the instructor, could give feedback.

    Karie Huchting, Educational Leadership and Administration

    Learned methods of recording lectures for students to access online.

    Dmitry Kmelnitsky, Art & Art History

    Investigated QLab and Millum to determine the creative potential of each in facilitating video-based projects for live performances or art installations.

    Melody Rodari, Art & Art History

    Used 3D modeling to create spaces in which students can experience monuments from around the world, and used 3D printing to create replicas of important artifacts from the history of art.

    Nicolas Rosenthal, History

    Created a paperless class by developing procedures and technological skills by which students can electronically turn in their work, receive feedback from the professor, and access all assignments course readings.

    Karl Snider, Music

    Explored, evaluated, and reviewed applications to teach, improve, drill, and fine tune musicianship skills including familiarity with music notation and high-level sight reading of rhythm and pitch for singers. Assessed apps based on accuracy, relevance of material, accessibility, feedback opportunities, method, gradation of skills, and creativity, amusement, and humor.

    Joshua Spizman, Finance

    Incorporated iPads and apps such as Doceri into classroom and homework materials to increase instructional time, vary modes of education, and allow professors to more freely move about the class during instruction.

  • Thomas Zachariah, Mathematics

    Project: "R for Data Analysis"

    Todd Shoepe, Health and Human Sciences

    Project: "NSCA CSCS Practical Examination"

    Stephanie Perez, Health and Human Sciences

    Project: "NSCA CSCS Practical Examination"

    Meghan Singhvi, Accounting

    Project: "IDEA Software"

    Myla Bui-Nguyen, Marketing and Business Law

    Project: "Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)"

    Han Dai-Yu, Art & Art History

    Project: "Audio-Visual Equipment"

  • Matt Dillon, Classics and Archaeology

    Project: "Interactive Introductory Latin Text"

    Angela Gallegos, Mathematics

    Project: "iPad and clickers"

    Holli Levitsky, Jewish Studies

    Project: "Virtual classroom space"

    Kirstin Noreen, Art History

    Project: "Restructuring course to integrate technology and digital resources"

    Fr. Luis Proenca, Film Production

    Project: "iPads and DaVinci Resolve 11 for Post-production Workflows"

    William Shaules, Theological Studies

    Project: "VoiceThread and MYLMU Connect"

    Jeffrey Siker, Theological Studies

    Project: "Online resources for First Year Seminar"

    Kristen Smiarowski, Dance

    Project: "Online video resources and MYLMU Connect"

  • John Dionisio, EE & Computer Science

    Project: "Streamlining the Implementation of Standards-based Grading"

    Fr. Luis Proenca, Film Production

    Project: "Digital Classroom Companion for Post Production Effects"

    Francisco Ramos, Elementary & Secondary Education

    Project: "Technology Enhancement of EDES 5003 - Theories and Policies in Second "

    Ying Sai, Finance/CIS

    Project: "Information Technology Security Lab at LMU"

    Matthew Siniawski, Mechanical Engineering

    Project: "Streamlining the Implementation of Standards-based Grading"

  • Terese Aceves, Educational Support Services

    Project: "EDSS 6302 - Assessment of Students with Exceptional Needs"

    Zaki Eusufzai, Economics

    Project: "Integrating Interactive Visualization in the Introductory Statistics Course through a Lab Component"

    Anna Harrison, Theological Studies

    Project: "Technology Integration for History of Christianity (THST 320)"

    Blake Mellor, Mathematics

    Project: "Flipping the Precalculus classroom: using Livescribe pens to pre-record lectures"

    Art Nomura, Film Production

    Project: "Teaching Mobile Media and Augmented Reality"

  • Stephanie August, EE & Computer Science

    Project: "NTLS 255: Technology Integration"

    Jane Brucker, Art & Art History

    Project: "Visual Sketchbooks and Demonstration Menus for ART 453: Drawing III"

    Linda Leon, Finance & CIS

    Project: "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Visual Modeling Software Tools on Developing Student Problem-Solving Skills for Messy Business Applications"

    Edward Mosteig, Mathematics

    Project: "Using Computer Software to Increase Understanding of Probability Statistics"

    Robin Wang, Philosophy

    Project: "Engaged Student Learning"

    Thomas Zachariah, Mathematics

    Project: "Using Computer Software to Increase Understanding of Probability Statistics"

  • Myla Bui-Nguyen, Marketing and Business Law

    Project: "Buyer Behavior"

    Christopher Chapple, Theological Studies

    Project: "Hinduism in the Electronic Age"

    Veronique Flambard-Weisbart, Modern Languages & Literatures

    Project: "3D Immersive Learning Environment for the Writing Workshop in French"

    Dmitry Kmelnitsky, Art & Art History

    Project: "Implementation of 3D software and hardware in the ART 363 3D Digital Toolbox course"

    Todd Otanicar, Mechanical Engineering

    Project: "Fluid Mechanics"

    Katerina Zacharia, Classics and Archaeology

    Project: "Ancient World on Film"

  • Victor Carmona, Biology

    Project: "Principles of Ecology / Field Biology"

    Maire Ford, Psychology

    Project: "General Psychology Lecture Capture"

  • Karen Mary Davalos,Chicana/o Studies

    Project: "Chicano/a Art: Performing Politics"

    Zaki Eusufzai, Economics

    Project: "Combining "Context Rich Examples" and "Just in Time Teaching" in Principles of Macroeconomics"

    Robin Wang, Philosophy

    Project: "Creating a Global Classroom through Technology"